Sustainable Saturday: Places To Find Sustainable Textiles

This month we are introducing a special segment called Sustainable Saturdays for the month of April. We will be talking about sustainable shopping options for those who are interested in helping our planet by practicing more eco-friendly ways of spending your money when it comes to the Fashion Industry. In this article, we will be introducing some fabric stores where you can get sustainable textiles. Whether you are a designer or someone who enjoys sewing as a hobby, we hope you look into these fabric stores for all your eco-friendly textile needs.


B&J Fabrics

First on our list we have B&J Fabrics. B&J is a well-known fabric store located in New York, NY. This family-owned business has been visited by celebrities and popular designers and is known as “one of the largest selections of high-end fabrics worldwide”. They offer sustainable textiles that are organic, eco-friendly, and recycled fabrics. They are located on the second floor of the Fashion Center Building on 525 7th Ave. New York, NY 10018. You can shop with them in-store or online at; and follow them on Instagram @bandjfabrics.


Nature’s Fabrics

Second on the list we have Nature’s Fabrics, an online only fabric store where their slogan is “Natural and organic fabrics for all your sewing needs!” This small Christian family business based out of Pennsylvania specializes in selling natural and organic fabrics like bamboo, wool, cotton and cotton knit, and more. They offer regular retail and wholesale orders on their website and not only that, but they also have a blog where they touch on all things sewing. You can check out their last blog post here at, shop with them at, and you can follow them on Instagram @naturesfabrics.



Another great online fabric store is HoneyBeGood, a family-owned, and operated Connecticut based fabric store that is “dedicated to promoting organic and sustainable fabric for the quilting and sewing arts”. HoneyBeGood has a huge variety of organic, sustainable and recycled fabrics for retail in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns. They are also organic certified and have transparency guidelines by the Sustainable Biodegradable Products Team at the EnviroTextiles LLC, so it’s guaranteed that you are getting the best quality eco-friendly fabric. You can visit HoneyBeGood at



Last but not least, we have The FABSCRAP Shop. FABSCRAP has two locations in New York, a shop in Manhattan and their warehouse in Brooklyn. Their shop is open to any and everyone who is interested in recycling fabric scraps or purchasing fabric scraps for your sewing projects. FABSCRAP’s goal is to help diminish the textile waste problem in the Fashion Industry by taking in your fabric scraps leftover from your sewing projects and selling them to be purchased and reused. Their shop in Manhattan is currently doing appointment only shopping sessions but they are always available to shop online at and you can follow them @fab_scrap on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For more information on how FABSCRAP works, visit their website at


When it comes to the Fashion Industry, fabric waste is one of the biggest problems. By investing in these businesses and choosing to purchase more eco-friendly and sustainable fabric, you’re choosing to help better the planet and save money at the same time. Better quality naturally made fabric is better for everyone, so help spread the word and hopefully we can all become more sustainable one day at a time.

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