5 Thrift Shopping Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

Thrift shopping has grown tremendously in the past few years. Not only has it become a trending pass time, but also a more sustainable form of shopping. But have you ever gone into your local thrift store and end up leaving empty handed and disappointed from the lack of quality second hand finds; leaving you to wonder how people find such cute gems from thrifting? Well, don’t fret any longer because here are some tips and tricks that will have you up to your knees in thrifted goodies!


  1. Patience truly is virtue! – You might have heard this one a thousand times, but it cannot be stressed enough that when it comes to thrift shopping, patience is key! You can’t expect to find anything good by just skimming over the racks and skipping sections. You’d be amazed at the things you can find by just putting in a little more effort. Think of it like this, does a lion hunt its prey with just one pounce? Of course not! It waits patiently; so, scan those racks thoroughly and you’re sure to find something super stylin’!


  1. Plan out your shopping experience – Going into a thrift store with a plan is probable the best way to focus on what you truly want to find. Making a simple list on your phone or creating a board on Pinterest are great methods for planning out your trip and keeping you focused. Whether you’re looking for certain clothing pieces, brands, or colors, going through the racks with that in mind is sure to help your shopping-eye narrow down on what you really want out of your thrifting experience.


  1. The Kids’ Section – Now hear us out! When in doubt, go the kids section route! You’d be surprised at the things you’ll find. Looking for the perfect trendy baby tee? The kids’ section can be your savior. If you wear a size small or even a medium, a kids large/x-large might be the perfect fit for you. This tip goes for the men’s section too! You can find oversized anything from the men’s section, from jeans to sweaters. So, don’t pass them up, they just might surprise you.


  1. Know the true value and authenticity – Luxury thrifting can be very beneficial for those with expensive taste. But knowing the difference between knock-off and real items is essential. Make sure to look out for certain details (or lack of detail) in labeling and logos. Another helpful tip is to pay attention to the item’s country of origin. If that Louis Vuitton doesn’t say “Made in France”, think again! Then when it comes to the value of an item, knowing what the true price of something before searching for it secondhand can give you an edge up on whether the resale price is worth your while. If someone is selling a Juicy Couture tracksuit for twice its worth, keep searching!


  1. Know the discount days – Knowing what days your local thrift store has certain sales can help you save a few bucks, and who doesn’t love saving money? Some thrift stores have sale days where they mark tags different colors that mean a certain percentage off. It’s like a double discount! Also, knowing when your local thrift store puts out new items can help you get first dibs on anything new. Monday and Tuesday mornings tend to be restock days for most thrifts; so, head over there as soon as they open and get all the good stuff!


While there may not be a perfect formula for the best thrift shopping experience, these tips will get you pretty close. At the end of the day, it comes down to just enjoying the thrill of the hunt for trendy resale goods.

Post Author: Destiny Giles

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