2021 Spring/Summer Nail Trends

This year is turning out to be filled with many surprising fashion trends that are so infectious they are starting to cross over into the world of nail artistry. From groovy swirls to minimalistic naked manicures, these 2021 nail trends are full of whim and all the rage!

Colors: Browns, Greens, Pinks

We’re in love with the assortment of browns, greens, and pinks that are taking over as the hot new color way for nail color trends. Nude colors from sheer ivory to deep espresso brown are staying strong in the transition from winter to spring; so, we hope you aren’t sick of the brown fever because it looks like it’s here to stay for another season. But a refreshing color that is hopping into the mix are green shades. Mint, sage, muted emerald, and more are going to be perfect for celebrating the spring equinox we are all ready for. Then last but surely not least, pink! We love the pink color wheel as it is a classic for springtime. Not to mention combined with the green kick, it’s bound to make a powerful color combo for the season.

Colored French Tips

A great way to include these crazing colors is to spice up your French tips. While we love the timeless white French, colored tips are becoming a beloved new age twist on the French manicure and we appreciate it. Try mixing colors or various shades of the same color to create a gradient affect; even adding a cool pattern into the mix like animal prints (which is also taking 2021 nails by storm, from cow print to zebra to tortoiseshell, its sure to make a statement).

Negative Space Nails

If your more of a minimalistic nail art person, this can be your new go to nail look. Letting your natural nails peek through small pops of nail art is not only easy to do at home but also a quick way to spice up your nails when they’re feeling a little drab. Whether you’re into playful smiley faces and 70s style flowers or geometrical lines and classy polka dots, this trend is here for any and everybody.

Organic Blobs & Curvy Lines

This trend gives major throwback vibes with its groovy nail art inspired by the Mod 60s era. Organic blob shapes and curvature line patterns are rising in popularity and definitely stand out from the crowd. You can go monochromatic or multicolored, but whichever way you go this psychedelic pattern is guaranteed to move with you.

Natural Nails

This trend is far from lazy and boring because we are here for the natural movement. Since the start of the pandemic nail salons have become somewhat taboo and while pampering yourself is still in style, it’s even more in style to adopt minimalism and embrace a simple topcoat.

Press-On Nails

Jumping from au naturel to a fresh full set of nails in just 5 minutes, press-on nails are making big statements this year. While going to the nail salon under COVID safety precautions is now an option, do-it-yourself press-ons are a great way to not only save your money, but to also be the one to call the shots whenever you want to switch it up! Not to mention the opportunities are endless, whether you like simple & short nails or long & extra, you can have a different set for everyday of the week if you want! Getting them premade from your local beauty store is an option, but if your desire is to have a set made special just for you, there are lots of press-on nail businesses that you can find on social media that make amazing customized sets; you’d be amazed at how talented these nail artists are! One thing is for sure, you will never get bored of your nails with this trend.

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