Pink Sweat$ Makes Us Cry with PINK PLANET Debut Release

Praised by Billboard for his “indomitable pen-skills and soothing vocals”, Pink Sweat$ graces us two days shy of valentine’s day with the arrival of his sultry smooth feel-good debut album, PINK PLANET.  PINK PLANET is a 16-track verification (plus 2 bonus tracks) to the Philadelphia local’s auditory complexity. Pink Sweat$ welcomes listeners into an atmosphere of intoxicating affection, a welcomed change in light of our current circumstances. Pink Sweat$ abandons the traditional presentation of the feel-good vibes of R&B, inviting in pop melodies and tender lyrics.

A few tracks from Sweat$’s  2020 album, The Prelude EP, remerge such as, “Icy,” “17”,“Lows,” and Sweat$’s best performing “At My Worst”, which has become a phenomenon on Tik-tock with fifty million videos made in reference to the single. The single’s music video has received over sixty million views and a ground-breaking hundred-million streams globally.

One of the new songs on the album, “Chains”, features a heart-stopping allegory accompanied by classical violin riffs and a soul grounding synth line. Pink Sweat cries,

“Cause baby, I’m a slave for you (Yeah, ayy)
You got me wrapped up in your chains (Yeah)
I’d throw my life away for you (Yeah)
Oh no, nothing’s been the same
Since you’ve been away”

This track is a curated token to those of us who bask in daily bedroom-ice-cream eating sessions when thinking about your you-know-who…. He Belts:

 “You say I’m crazy, well, maybe it’s true

Can’t blamе me for tryin’ if my effort’s for you”

Pink seems to somehow speak to our communal desperation for semi-toxic relationships while also being hopelessly appealing. Following this track is a beautiful interlude featuring the following lines

And I would make it a habit to listen to all the different genre stations
And for me, that was an escape
‘Cause the world I was living in wasn’t always so beautiful
I wanted to be somebody else
Do something I never done
And through music, I was able to just get away from it all
And I guess that’s why I built this place
The Pink Planet
And I want everyone to come

Sweet$ identifies the world’s cruel realities, acknowledging the potential to live in a picturesque world of idealized romance. Pink Planet is a domain where one abandons negative energies and succumbs to the inebriation brought on by soulful ambiance and love. If you wish to be a valued addition in a world of fixated lovers, who somehow find relief in passionate obsession, give this album a listen.




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