Ives Releases “Let Me Know”: BBC’s Track of the Week

The 5 piece Indie Pop band Ives released their go-getter psalm last Wednesday, January 27.  As 1975 guitar riffs and Lany style synths are the foundations of this song, these boys have reigned as synth-pop prophets.  It is ironic because, lyrically at least, “Let me Know ” is eerily reminiscent of Shawn Mendez’s “Treat you better”. It is just the amount of heart-pounding euphoria to make you believe that the uncertainty led on by putting yourself out there is an enjoyable experience.  Let us belt out to the ones we want the most who seem just a tad out of reach, let us be hopeful participants of this game called love (?) The drumbeat allows for a beautifully smug foundation that the distorted altruistic guitar licks could not encompass any more comfortably. 

Ives is composed of Jesper, Jack, Mark, Luis, and Alejandro. The guys initially crossed paths in Music School in the UK. Currently, due to the lockdown, the band members create their music through zoom, independently responsible for their own production. The band’s members are from all around the globe: Sweden, Mexico, and the UK.


Speaking of The 1975, check out Ive’s quarantine-style cover of “Milk”.

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