Start Brainstorming with 10 Gift Ideas for Him

With Christmas right around the corner, now is the best time to start shopping for everyone on your list. With the year that we’ve all had, getting your shopping out of the way earlier rather than later is the best way to ensure that you will be able to fully enjoy this holiday season and all of the exciting moments that come along with it. You deserve it! We’ve rounded up ten great gift ideas for all of the men in your life, that they will love to receive!

1. New Slippers

Men don’t usually think to buy themselves slippers, so getting a pair for them is a great way to give them a little bit of comfort and luxury. These slippers by Ugg are awesome because they will last a long time and can be worn outside because of the hard sole.

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2. Apple Watch


Apple watches are everywhere nowadays, making it the perfect gift to give to someone who likes to always stay connected. It’s an easy way to talk to friends and family and helps keep track of fitness goals. You can even personalize the band to their favorite color.

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3. Socks

Although this gift may seem a little unexciting, it’s a practical gift that all men need. Nice, clean socks without holes in them are always a plus and help the person look sharp and put together.

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4. Barbecue Tools


If you know someone that loves to spend their day outside by the grill, this is the perfect gift for them. These tools are a great way to practice those quarantine cooking skills and put them to use for friends and family around the holiday season!

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5. Button-Down Shirt

Everyone can use a little updating and spruce to their closet, and a new dress shirt does exactly that. You can never have too many dress shirts on standby, and having them in neutral but bright colors like light blue will go nicely with any pairing.

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6. Athletic Shorts


Running shorts are a perfect gift for the person that spent all of quarantine working out, or swearing that they would. This will give them the extra boost they need to keep that motivation up!

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7. Running Shoes

Similar to athletic shorts, running shoes are a great gift idea for the sporty guy that always on the move. Pair these with the running shorts and you’ve got the all-inclusive gift!

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8. Trendy Sneakers

Everyone needs a good pair of trendy sneakers that will pair nicely with any outfit. Sure it’s nice to have flip flops, dress shoes, and workout tennis shoes, but you also need a dependable pair of trendy sneakers that will dress up any casual outfit and still feel comfortable enough to wear all day.

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9. A New Tie


People can get bored with their tie collections easily. That’s why getting them a new tie will get them excited about going back to work, being back in the office, or logging onto Zoom with their fancy new tie. A bonus is that they can only see the upper half of you on Zoom anyways!

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10. Sonos

Gifting someone a Sonos sound system for their house or apartment is the perfect gift for people that always like to be the host. This unbelievable sound system is a great price, plays sound super clearly, and makes it so that you can easily connect your phone and play the music that the guests will love.

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