Getting an Early Start with 10 Gift Ideas for Her

We are now well into September which means that it is officially fall. Start pulling out all of the Halloween decors, yes summer is over. It seems unbelievable that we watched the summer come and go and that spring even happened at all. However, maybe a little bit of the holiday season is exactly what we all need to have something to look forward to and get excited about! We’re helping you do exactly that by giving you ten gift ideas for all of the women in your life. Starting early and getting your list done will allow you to sit back and truly enjoy the holiday festivities!

1. Fuzzy Blanket

Everyone loves a fuzzy blanket, however, this blanket may just be the softest blanket ever known to mankind. This Barefoot Dreams blanket is a celebrity favorite and has nothing but good reviews! Whether it’s for her bed, for a road trip, or for a plane ride, this blanket will get plenty of use.

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2. New Slippers

You can never go wrong with new slippers or pajamas on Christmas. Waking up and being able to wear your new slippers or pajamas all day long makes Christmas that much more exciting and cozy. These slippers are great because the hard sole means that she can wear them out and about for quick errands, without having to worry about getting them ruined.

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3. Homesick Candle

These candles are perfect for long-distance friends or relatives that may be far from home this Christmas. The Homesick candle collection is super special because you can pick which candle you want based on different cities, states, and countries. The Northern California candle has hints of redwoods and vanilla, while candles like the Los Angeles candle smells like jasmine, orange, and sea salt. You can personalize it to the gift receiver so that it smells like the place they call home!

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4. Silk Scrunchies

These silk scrunchies are the perfect little hint of luxury that she will love having throughout her day! Not only are silk scrunchies trendy right now, but they also look elegant and classy without breaking her hair and pulling it too tight.

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5. Sneakers

Everyone loves a new pair of sneakers and these Vejas sneakers are a great staple for her to have on hand in her closet. The white and cream go well with anything, getting plenty of wear out of them!

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6. Tile

If you know of someone that is always forgetting or losing things, the Tile will be her saving grace! You attach this tile to your keys or put it in your wallet, and have the app downloaded on your phone. If you ever can’t find your phone but have your keys, you press the tile and your phone will start ringing. If you are missing your keys but have your phone, go to the app and you can directly locate your keys. It is so practical and handy!

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7. Dyson Airwrap

With some salons currently closed, learning how to do your hair at home is a great way to save money and stay safe! The Dyson Airwrap has multiple tools in one so that you can blow dry your hair and curl it, without worrying about the damage that direct heat can do to your hair.

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8. The Always Pan

If you know a girl that loves to cook, she’ll love The Always Pan. The Always Pan simplifies the number of tools you need and makes your life easier. It’s especially handy for people that live in apartments and have limited storage space. It has a spoon, frying pan, steamer, skillet, and saucepan all in one.

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9. Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book can double as entertainment, as well as home decor. It looks chic on any dining room table or coffee table and is fun to flip through. You can customize it to your receiver’s taste, whether that’s fashion, architecture, interior design, business, cooking, etc.

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10. New Perfume

Perfume is something that a lot of people use daily, making it a practical gift. It can also be sentimental if you get a scent that reminds you of the receiver you have in mind, or gets a scent you know they particularly like.

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