5 Businesses Owned by People of Color to Support

With so much uncertainty happening in the world these days, one thing that we can control is how we support one another. Coming together as a community and supporting small businesses and businesses owned by people of color is one of the best ways we can be supportive during this time. We have curated five businesses that are owned by people of color that you can shop if you’re looking for ways to help, or if you have an online shopping itch that so many of us get while staying at home!

1. Lem Lem

Shop this dress: Lem Lem

Lem Lem was created by supermodel Liya Kebede after a visit to Ethiopia inspired her to revamp the market for handwoven pieces of clothing. Each clothing piece is made in Africa, expanding jobs across Africa in multiple fields. Each piece is lightweight and ideal for warmer weather, making Lem Lem the perfect place to shop for your next vacation getaway! Shop their entire website here.


2. Brother Vellies

Shop these shoes: Brother Vellies

Brother Vellies makes artistic handmade shoes that look as though they are inspired by the designs and attention to detail of that during the 18th century. Each pair of shoes is so unique in design to Brother Vellies, that you truly will not be able to find this type of artistic talent anywhere else. Shop their entire website here.


3. Pyer Moss

Shop the blazer: Pyer Moss

Pyer Moss makes unique items that will definitely become the statement pieces in your closet. Upon perusing the website, it’s hard not to want everything they have to offer, as each clothing item would elevate any outfit! The mix of neutral and fun colors allows you to really have a choice in what your closet currently needs, and the artistic details differentiate it to make the pieces unique. Shop their entire website here.


4. Monrowe NYC

Shop this hat: Monrowe NYC

Each hat from Monrowe NYC is crafted specifically to the measurements of your head, making it precisely tailored to the exact way you like it. A good hat can go a long way in terms of lasting you through the years and spicing up a bland outfit. A classic boater has is always one of our go-to’s, which is why we chose their Cruz hat as a favorite. Shop their entire website here.




Shop this dress: SIKA

Sika dresses have quickly become an Instagram favorite over the past couple of weeks, and for good reason! The bright colors and unique patterns are special to the SIKA design. Each piece is handmade in Ghana, demonstrating the colors and combinations that are special to the local culture. After scrolling through their website, it’s a challenge to pick just one item! shop their entire collection here.


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