EA Play Live 2020 Reveal Event

On Thursday, June 18th, Electronic Arts came out with a promising video game future but fell short of that. Host Greg Miller from Kinda Funny Games Podcast brought a spark to the show as he guided us through the hour-long presentation.

As a kickoff, EA started things with Apex Legends Season 5 “Lost Treasure” DLC. New elements included respawn locations allowing players to pick respawn times and places. Exclusive content and new characters seemed to be a fresh look for Apex. Another big thing for Apex is the cross-play that will be available fall 2020 along with the Switch joining in.

EA shifted things to The Sims side as they played a beautiful intro video about The Sims community and the diversity that thrives within. Unfortunately, all of the community up play had no news to follow, which led to disappointment.

Command and Conquer Remake had a quick showing that then moved to a couple of EA original indie titles. It Takes Two, developed by Hazelight, tells the story of a young girl dealing with her parents’ divorce. To deal with this life event, the girl creates dolls representing her parents. This unusual indie game will not be ready until 2021. The second EA original is from Zoink Studios called Lost in Random. This clay art style, third-person, action-adventure, is with a little girl and her dice sidekick. We received no release date on when we can get lost in the world of Random.

Final Strike announced their first game, Rocket Arena. This third-person battle royal game is played all with rockets. With the dynamic maps and characters giving off an overwatch feeling, this game looks fun and full of action. You can start playing Rocket Arena with cross-play on July 14th.

Electronic Arts’ most prominent and extended announcement was Star Wars Squadrons. This piolet style game offers a single-player two-sided campaign. You will play as the New Republic squad, and the Empire squad as the two stories unfold. Customize ships, characters, and loadouts in this definitive piolet story. Squadrons also offers online play along with cross-play. Dog fight 5v5 or do mission-based fleet battles. Star Wars Squadrons will be recruiting piolets on October 2nd, 2020.

Star Wars: Squadrons video game
CR: Electronic Arts

EA Sports had a three-minute intro video of clips between FIFA and Madden showing off stunning graphics and next-gen abilities. No release dates were shown or announced for either. Shortly after, the chief studio officer Laura Miele came on to announce what felt like more upcoming games stating, “we don’t want to wait until next June to share.” This ended up being a let down by work in progress video shots and art concepts. While the next-gen graphics and physics looked great, all we got were clips from BioWare and Battlefield, which was considered “Work in Progress.” There were zero mentions of BioWare’s hit fantasy title Dragon Age or anything upcoming.

To close the show, EA shifted over to Cuz Parry, the creative director of SKATE. There was no trailer or artwork for SKATE, just a simple “We’re doing this” kind of thing. Overall, some of the EA titles look promising but failed to pack a punch and show the fans the future of Electronic Arts.

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