Sony’s PlayStation 5 Reveal Event

The Future of Gaming

PlayStation surprised thousands of fans with many new titles and upcoming games in their 2020 showcase titled “The Future of Gaming.” Each announcer was behind a black screen, making it look more professional than an at-home studio. The animations and transitions between each announced game looked crisp and clean. PlayStation did more showing than telling, and that is just what the fans wanted.


Spider-Man Miles Morales

Diving right in, one of the first big titles announced as the new Spider-Man Miles Morales. This loved Marvel title shows a new electric adventure for our superhero, as he swings from building to building. The graphics looks stunning, and the release date is Holiday 2020.


Ratchet & Clank: Rifts Apart 

The favorite duo returns in Ratchet and Clank: Rifts Apart. This new adventure built from the bottom up by Insomniac looks fantastic as Ratchet and Clank teleport from dimension to dimension. Each world seems full of life with new raytracing technology. Ratchet also looked to be equipped with a brand-new arsenal. Although there is no confirmed release date, we did catch a glimpse of actual gameplay, giving fans hope that it is not far behind the console.


Project Athia

Square Enix came out of the blue with a brand-new exclusive called Project Athia, looking to be a third-person open-world concept with beautiful skies and mountains. With no release date or gameplay, this title could be awhile.



Another quick showing was from Blue Twelve and Annapurna in a title called Stray. You are a cat in a neon cybercity ready to prowl. As the camera pans throughout the city, we see our stray cat wandering the streets. The graphics are remarkably lifelike in a town full of robots. I cannot wait to take on the streets as the local Stray cat. Stray will hit the PlayStation 5 in 2021.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits 

Kena: Bridge of Sprits is set in a color vivid enchanting world. This action-adventure from Ember Lab looks promising as the animations and graphics look lovely, giving off a Pixar type artwork. With no release date, we will be waiting to see what this game has to offer.


Ghostwire: Tokyo

This game revolves around giving the player the real feeling of Tokyo. Though the gameplay looks quite strange with different dimensions and weird enemies to battle, this first-person action game looks promising. Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to be released in 2021.


New Horizon: Forbidden West

Alloy returns in a new sequel for New Horizon. This modern island-like world is full of colors and life. We soon see Alloy ride through the island destined to save the world. New things like swimming, looked to be introduced along with all types of climates. Guerrilla did not give us a release date, but I am sure it will deliver just like the last one.



Console Announcement

With over an hour worth of new titles, PlayStation kept things rolling with one title after another. PlayStation had 26 exciting new titles, some with actual gameplay footage and some leaving us wondering. PlayStation knew what they were doing as they saved the most prominent announcement for last. The animations for the reveal was anxiously awaited as it built up to the big reveal. The new PlayStation 5 console looks smooth and luminous as blue lights run in between the narrow black and white design. They announced not only a hard drive addition but also a digital edition of the console. With ultra-high SSD speeds and new raytracing abilities, PlayStation ended the show by welcoming the fans to PlayStation 5. You can find all the released titles and more at


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