Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Box for Your Mate

Ooops! Valentine’s Day is here and you completely forgot or didn’t have a chance to get your Valentines a gift and you are low on cash! Check out these inexpensive, fun ideas that can be put together quickly.

Relax and Rejuvenate Gift Basket Fill a basket with small items that add up to a lot of pampering.  Shea Moisture Hand and Body Scrub with  Argan Oil and Raw Shea Butter  removes rough patches while moisturizing for soft skin. Thera Pearl Bausch & Lomb Eye Mask is a reusable gel mask that can be used warm or cold to relieve puffy eyes, sinus congestion and headaches.  Better Homes and Gardens Candles  come in a variety of scents. Pick one that will remind your partner of you. All items listed cost under $10.00 each and are available at Walmart

A Dozen Balloons A dozen of love themed balloons filled with helium are a modern twist to the standard dozen of roses. Balloons cost less than $1.00 at places like Party City and Dollar Tree.

Hemp Box. The legality of cannabis in many states has opened the door for a wide range of hemp based products.  While containing hemp, these products have no THC so they are legal in all states. This box takes a bit more work to create but you can create a gift card showing all the items you’ve ordered for your partner. Include the Fog and Tree Eau de Parfum. The woodsy smell will take you on a journey to the Redwood forests and coastal fog of California. $10.00   Rawganique has a full line of hemp soaps made from all natural, eco-friendly ingredients that contain coconut, hemp seeds and olive oil. $6.50 Papa and Barkley Hemp Drops  contain all natural ingredients. Just add a few drops to your favorite beverage for a healthy mind and body. $60.00.

Night at the Movies Gift Box. This is super easy to put together.  Fill a box with theater size candy boxes and gift cards to Fandago and you will have a jump start on this summer’s blockbuster movies. Gift card prices vary but candy is a $1.00 per box at Walmart and Dollar Tree. 

Gift Bag for the Man in Your Life. Fill a gift bag with these sure to please products for the man in your life.  The Art of Shaving Men’s Beard Oil comes in a variety of masculine scents such as bourbon and sandalwood. Method Man Exfoliating Bar Soap removes rough skin while conditioning.  Pixi T Zone Peel Off Mask clears up problem areas for a perfect complexion. All items listed are under $15.00 and available at Target.


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