‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ features Bruce Lee DJing shirt in movie

If you’re an avid Urban Outfitters shopper, you might have seen the Bruce Lee DJ T-Shirts that can be found in the Men’s section, or if you’ve recently seen the “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” you might have spotted Robert Downey Jr. wearing it.  The T-Shirt depicts the legendary Bruce Lee, shirtless, wearing sunglasses, a gold chain and bracelet, and positioned behind turntables in one of his classic, martial arts poses.

Established in 2011 by founder and CEO, Peter Lee, Bow & Arrow 78 is the company that manufactures these ever-so-wanted T-Shirts. Residing in Los Angeles, California, Bow & Arrow 78 contains both men and women’s apparel. The goal of the style of their clothing is to take what is already a classic and add a bit of a modern twist to it. The T-shirt itself is called “Gung Fu Scratch” and it comes from their Bruce Lee Collection, which is what the excitement is all about. We all know Bruce Lee was no DJ so we can see how CEO, Peter Lee, incorporated a modern twist to this classic icon.

avengersHalfway through “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is when we see the appearance of this T-Shirt. The visual is so striking when it appears on the screen that it’s hard to look at anything else. So how is it that the T-Shirt made it to the big screen? Robert Downey Jr. is the answer to that question.

As a loyal fan for two and a half years, it was Robert Downey Jr. who specifically requested for this shirt to be a part of his wardrobe in the movie. The shirt first made its way to Robert Downey Jr. when he had a meeting with Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon. She gave him his first Gung Fu Scratch and ever since then he’s been spotted wearing it on several occasions.

Since its weekend premier on May 1st, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” domestically grossed $191.3M which not only meant good news in terms of the movie production, but also for Bow & Arrow 78, which supplied the popular Bruce Lee shirt.

Since its appearance in the movie, the company’s sales have skyrocketed. On a normal weekend they would do about $600 in web sales, but during the weekend of the premier they had around 1,000 orders, which totaled about $60,000 in sales. Along with the increase in online sales, in-store sales have also boosted. On top of all of this, Downey also brought in more attention to the shirt by giving away nine of them via his Facebook page.

A vast number of international orders have also been made for the shirt, and of those international orders, some include Uruguay and the U.K. The shirt has created such a hype that other celebrities like Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Nas, Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo have been photographed wearing it. Thanks to Robert Downey Jr., there is a good chance he made this iconic T-Shirt into the hottest selling T-Shirt of the summer.

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