Genre Thrashing Artist: Grandma “Growing Up is Strange” – Single Review

Bedroom pop has a reputation for repetitive and lackluster vocals and melodies, yet Grandma’s new release proves that the Atlanta based multi-instrumentalist remains an exception. Following his November release “Chills”, in which the genre-crossing artist’s voice manifests by a distorted roar, demanding to be heard, Grandma came back with a single on December 8th and […]

Artists to Watch: Reggie

Reginald Helms, Jr., better known as Reggie, is new on the scene but fits perfectly into the world of genre-blending talents and honest story-tellers. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Reggie cites his church community as his main source of inspiration. Though he owes much of his artistry to the church of his youth, a rocky adolescence of […]

From the Mil to the A, D.Tigg$ stays making plays while putting on for the 414

Growing up on the Milwaukee’s Northside, DTigg$ started penning lyrics while attending Roosevelt Middle School. One of his closest friends just so happened to have started making beats around the same time, who went by Bizness Boi. Biz is a Grammy-nominated producer nowadays, but back when he and D.Tigg$ first started their journey, “Man, he […]

Rising ATL artist Tana Man prepped and ready to take on the world!

A person’s eyes are the windows to their soul, a peek behind the curtain, giving away true emotions in a heartbeat. Eyes are always a fascinating characteristic of individuals, they can be altered synthetically with color, size and shape. It is a futile effort at the end of the day, because eyes also unconsciously adapt […]

Artists to Watch: Jean Dawson

If there is one artist to keep your eye on it’s Jean Dawson. The Mexican-American artist is a mystifying enigma. His musical influences: rap, punk, hip-hop, pop, and experimental, are not only a product of his bicultural background but that of our transient environment. Having been born in the midst of technologically dependent times offering us the world […]


Binki, with only a handful of released songs, is slowly but surely making a name for himself. The 22-year-old North Carolina native has created a unique blend of indie pop, hip-hop, and funk that’s cemented him in the category of artists worth watching. His discography makes for a heavenly soundtrack to adolescence, love affairs, and those moments when […]


The passing of legendary rock band Rush’s drummer Neil Peart has resulted in a number of honorable performances. One cover of the band’s song “Time Stand Still” was done by The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own”. This subdivision of the Army has existed since 1922 and followed the same mission statement: “The United States […]


25-year-old Dutch prodigy Oliver Heldens is still kicking well into his producing career. After striking gold in 2013 with his track “Gecko” which was recognized by electronic godfather Tiesto and signed to his label, Heldens has slowly and surely cemented his position in the EDM community. The future house maestro’s latest track “Take a Chance” […]