Fabulous Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Ideas

Having to celebrate a Mother’s Day during a pandemic is a new concept that the world is adapting to as the year goes on. There will be some who are social distancing from their mothers during the pandemic for their safety. Others may be quarantined with their mothers during these troubled times. Regardless of the […]

Celebrate Mom While Maintaining Social Distancing

This Mother’s Day will be celebrated despite COVID – 19.  Social distancing and the need to keep moms safe from the Coronavirus means that children need to think outside the box and create something spectacular that shows mom how much she is loved. Here are ways to make this year one of the best Mother’s […]


Eight-time Grammy Award winning Metal legends Metallica have been doing their part as well to help halt the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Their Foundation All Within My Hands is set to donate an amount of $350,000 to various COVID-19 relief efforts. The sum donation amount consists of four individual grants that are specifically tailored […]

Trinity Trinkets – Valentines Gifts For You Mate [3]

Does your partner have their heart set on jewelry this Valentine’s Day; but it just doesn’t fit into your budget? Don’t despair, YaLisa Jordan comes to the rescue with her Trinity Trinkets Custom Creations. Jordan started the company in 2018 while battling cancer. At first she created items as holiday gifts; but soon her sorority […]

Narcisse Custom Gifts – Valentines Day Gifts For Your Mate [1]

Whoever believes “…it’s the thought that counts” has never had a gift brilliantly wrapped and has certainly missed the gifting of a Narcisse Custom Gifts box which is essentially a gift unto its own. Just last year Patti Menard, mom Jodi and her four other sisters all began constructing gift boxes that are a just […]

Holiday Hacks: How To Spend Less Time Cooking and More Time With Family

The holidays are a time to celebrate and make priceless memories with friends and family. However, when you are the person tasked with preparing and cooking for everyone else, you may often have to miss out on all the family fun and those moments that matter most. Here are several tips to get you motivated […]

Peter Jones Tells the History of Aeronautics in Southern California by Using Human Stories.

“Blue Sky Metropolis” is a four part documentary chronicling the history of aeronautics in southern California. All the big names in aviation history are here and maybe a few you didn’t expect: Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, John Northrop, Glenn Martin, Amelia Earnhart and Wernher Van Braun. “Blue Sky Metropolis” is part of PBS’s celebration of […]

Stacy Milner, Founder of The Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program’s HBCU in L.A. Internship Program

The White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) is a diversity initiative created under the Obama Administration. Every year the Entertainment Industry College Outreach Program (EICOP) partners with HBCU to place students in entertainment industry internships. Milner realized that students were not getting the tools necessary for a career in entertainment while […]

Unique Cannabis Products for Valentine’s Day

Cannabis users will appreciate these stylish, top of the line vape pens and accessories that are available in most shops in states where THC is legal. The Canndescent Stylus and Orchid Essentials Vape Pens are two of the best on the market. Canndescent is the first to invent a luxury line of cannabis products.  The […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Box for Your Mate

Ooops! Valentine’s Day is here and you completely forgot or didn’t have a chance to get your Valentines a gift and you are low on cash! Check out these inexpensive, fun ideas that can be put together quickly. Relax and Rejuvenate Gift Basket Fill a basket with small items that add up to a lot […]