5 Best Microphones for Podcasting

In recent years, podcasts have been on a steady rise. This popular medium now spans multiple genres — from true crime and business, to branded podcasts that companies turn to for marketing purposes. According to TechCrunch’s article on the state of podcasting in 2019, more than half of Americans have now listened to a podcast. This […]

Does owning a DVR make sense in the streaming video age?

In 1999, the digital video recorder changed television forever by letting viewers pause live TV, ushering us into a new world of on-demand everything. “TiVo(R)” became a household word. DVRs radically changed the video and consumer electronics industries, but today, the notion of on-demand programming has become something we take for granted. We expect this […]

Motorola One Vision Price, Full Specifications

Motorola One Vision is expected to launch along with a few other devices at a company event scheduled for May 15 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The smartphone, part of the company’s ‘One’ series of Android One smartphones, has been part of numerous leaks this year. Renders of the phone were leaked a few days ago, […]

Das Keyboard Launches 4Q Smart RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Switches

The first Cherry MX-based keyboard in the company’s Q-series family of smart, cloud-connected keyboards that empower users to increase productivity by changing the color of its keys from information coming from the Internet. The Das Keyboard 4Q uses best-in-class Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches that have a soft, tactile bump along with a low […]

New App Teaches Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Language Learners How to Write Kana, Hangul, and Hanzi

Scripts, the first multi-language app to teach language learners how to write character-based language systems, released today and available for iOS and Android. With just a few swipes of a finger, learners will be able to write Japanese Kana, Korean Hangul, and traditional Hanzi characters. In the coming months, Scripts will add simplified Hanzi, Thai, Kanji, […]

Access To Mental Health Care May Be Just A Virtual Visit Away

Mental health disorders impact thousands of people every day, including many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Everyone reading this likely knows someone struggling with mental illness and is aware of the toll it can take on individuals, families and communities. Mental health challenges do not discriminate — they affect people from all walks of […]

FINsix’s DART-C, The World’s Smallest Laptop Charger for USB Type-C Devices

FINsix, manufacturer of DART, the world’s smallest laptop charger, has developed the DART-C, the world’s smallest charger for USB Type-C laptops. The DART-C furthers the FINsix commitment to providing an unprecedented level of portability for on-the-go consumers and business travelers by enabling them to ditch their bulky bricks and USB chargers. DART-C is a powerful 65-watt laptop […]