Don’t Fumble The Appetizers For The Big Game

This year’s big game day may be quite different than previous ones, but that shouldn’t stop you from going all-out with your appetizers. Tasty snacks and sports go hand in hand, so use this event to score a touchdown using bite-sized finger foods! Huddle up and try something new Special occasions — especially iconic annual […]

Easy Tips For Cooking Your Favorite Fish and Shellfish at Home every time

Crab legs for a birthday. Scallops for an anniversary. Salmon for when family are in town. Many people enjoy eating seafood at restaurants as it is a favorite choice for celebratory meals. However, when it comes to cooking seafood at home, it can be intimidating. Seafood — fish and shellfish — is surprisingly simple to […]

5 Sources for Healthy Carbs

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Processed carbs, like added sugars and refined products such as juice, are unhealthy says nutrition scientist Kevin Klatt, as they have little to no nutritive value and get released into the bloodstream too quickly. Natural carbs, on the contrary, are healthy, as they are a vital energy source and are […]

Red Fruits and Vegetables

Beets – Beets are said to help to guard against Cancer. Beets are low in carbs, high in fiber, and are rich in vitamins and nutrients.    Vitamins and Nutrient Contents: Folate; Vitamin B9 – One of the B vitamins, folate is important for normal tissue growth and cell function. It’s particularly necessary for pregnant […]

10 foods that are medicinal.

  Herbs have been used for thousands of years, serving as medicine. Today, those same herbs are used in a variety of goods around the world. From teas, cleaning chemicals, foods, and beauty products herbs are staples that are going nowhere any time soon. Here are 10 herbs that could be in your kitchen cabinet.  […]

4 Simple Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season

Traditionally, the holiday season is a time to gather with family and friends to reminiscence and celebrate all that has happened throughout the year. But with an ongoing pandemic, many are left looking for new and unique ways to enjoy those time-honored traditions in a way that keeps everyone safe and healthy. So while things […]

Holiday dessert, drink, and food must-haves

  Enjoy this wonderful holiday season, with holiday staples. Foods during the holiday season are filled with sweetness and savoriness. From pumpkin to the many casseroles that surround our dinner tables, meals during the holiday season bring us together. Happy holiday and happy new years.  Pumpkin Pie – Who can resist a good pumpkin pie? It […]

A Pumpkin- Spiced Holiday Season

  The holiday season is here, and we are all ready to celebrate. We have all experienced a roller coaster of a year with Covid-19. So for this holiday season, let us all celebrate with some yummy treats that we all deserve. If someone in your family is vegan, gluten-free, and or vegetarian, there are […]

Tips on struggling with your Vegan/Vegetarian Journey.

Let us be honest if one thing people can agree on is that meat tastes good. The savory, juiciness of animal flesh is a comfort for our taste buds. When thinking about becoming vegan and or vegetarian, it can be difficult for the vast majority. For some vegans, the problem is not liking the way […]