Washington DC’s Gaslight Tavern Experience

Summertime allows for the joyous experience around one’s town. In Washington, DC, Gaslight Tavern has one of the most exquisite tastes of foods and location for dining. From the moment you enter the door, the scenery welcomes you into a new era filled with laughter and excitement. On a hot summer day, the back patio […]

Director Monique Sorgen on America’s Marriage Culture and new film ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’

THE {C}: In America, the prevalence of marriage has changed. Before it was the expected thing when two people express romantic feelings with one another, if they wanted their relationship or connection to last for a long time, then they would get married. Recently, the perspective of marriage has changed. You find a lot of […]

Robbie Magasiva on ‘Wentworth’

Guarding women prisoners is not Robbie Magasiva’s only job. He also has to protect them from their emotional pain. Magasiva gives insight about his experience on Netflix’s Wentworth. ATM: What does this show symbolize about women? RM: This is a good question. What an intense question. It symbolizes strong women. The main characters are played […]

Powerful Lead Vocalist Tawatha Agee

Everyone has heard her voice. Danced to her tunes. Hummed the tunes to her voice. Pennsylvania native Tawatha Agee has touched our hearts and soul with her amazing voice for decades. Agee’s highly proclaimed vocals for Mtume Band’s 1983 hit Juicy Fruit has been with us for years. This song has been remixed by various […]