A Big Risk is Taken on Agents of Shield ‘A Life Spent’

This team takes a huge chance on Agents of Shield ‘A Life Spent’ Agents of Shield is a pretty good show. In its previous seasons, this team has been through a lot. They have lost team mates, seen old adversaries return, and been to some crazy places. Yet nothing compares to what they are dealing […]

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The Plot Thickens on Once Upon a Time ‘One Little Tear’

The Story Continues to Unfold on Once Upon a Time ‘One Little Tear’ Once Upon a Time was a surprise hit when it came out. Since then there have been many stories told, and lots of Disney characters have appeared on this show. Some may look familiar, but they are given new twists that make […]

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Barry and Adam Write a Song on ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’

Barry and Adam Pull a Prank on ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ The Goldbergs is a well made show. It has good characters, plenty of eighties nostalgia, pop culture references and many of the episodes deliver important life lessons. It looks like things are going to heat up this week on ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’. Here is a […]

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Scrooge has a new Quest on ‘The Impossible Summit of Mt Neverrest’

Scrooge takes a huge peak on in ‘The Impossible Summit of Mt Neverrest’ Ducktales was a very good cartoon in the eighties. It had a number of seasons, and all ages still appreciate it to this day. When news of a new show came out, this writer wasn’t sure if it would be good or […]

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All Kinds of Hijinks Ensue on ‘ The Circle of Driving Again’

Adam learns something important on ‘ The Circle of Driving Again’ The Goldbergs is a great show so far. It is full of eighties nostalgia, and has likable characters and a really good cast. We have seen these characters grow up, mature and go through plenty of life changes. It looks like this week Adam […]

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The Team Faces new Threats in this ‘Agents of Shield’ Season 5 Promo

The Team is in Outer Space in this ‘Agents of Shield’ Season 5 promo Agents of Shield has been a good show so far. Last season was alright, but it did have some weak moments. How it ended was even more confusing. Well it looks like fans will get some answers in this Agents of […]

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Arnold Looks for his Parents in this ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie’ Trailer

Arnold looks for his Parents in this ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie’ Trailer Hey Arnold was a very good TV show. It had quirky characters, took place in a peculiar but lovable location and had Arnold and his friends going on all kinds of adventures together. Well now it looks like they will all be coming back […]

Learn about Lotor’s Plans in this ‘Voltron’ Season 4 Clip

Get an idea what Lotor is planning in this ‘Voltron’ Season 4 clip A lot of things have happened so far on Voltron Legendary Defender. The paladins have come together, fought and defeated Zarkon and have begun to build a resistance against the Galra Empire. Last season they had to face a new enemy, and […]

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‘The Tick’ Is Coming to Amazon with a New Series

‘The Tick’ Returns with a new Series on Amazon Prime The Tick is not your average superhero. He is odd, and fights some peculiar bad guys. He has had a cartoon series, and a live action show years ago. Now he is coming back with a new show. The first trailer has been released online, […]

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New Enemies Appear in this ‘The Flash’ Season 4 trailer

New Threats Arise in this ‘The Flash’ Season 4 Trailer The Flash has been a really good show so far. Each season has had a villain stronger and deadlier than the one before it. Season 3 ended on a sad note, and was full of surprises. A tough decision was made, and would change the […]