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Sarah Connor Kicks Butt in this ‘Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer’

Sarah Connor is back in this ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Trailer Terminator: Judgement Day is by far one of the best films in this series. Terminator: Rise of the Machines was alright and Terminator: Genisys was not bad either. Terminator: Salvation was just a mess from start to finish. Well now the saga continues with Terminator: […]

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Watch as People Get a Second Chance in this ‘Encore’ Trailer

Some dreams will come true in this ‘Encore’ Trailer Disney as a company has a lot of content coming out in the next few years. Their new streaming service Disney+ already has some impressive looking shows and movies coming to it. One such show coming is Encore. On this show Kirsten Bell helps some people […]

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The First Trailer for ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ is Here

Go on Many Adventures in ‘World According to Jeff Goldblum’ Jeff Goldblum is a well known actor. He has been in movies like Independence Day, Jurassic Park and Thor: Ragnarok. He has shown he can play all kinds of roles in his long career. Well now it looks like he is trying something different in […]

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See a New Holiday Tale Develop in this ‘Noelle’ Trailer

A new type of holiday is coming in ‘Noelle’ There are a good amount of holiday films that come out each year. It is not that common to see a movie though that is new, different and envelops the holiday spirit the right way. Sadly most of these films feel rushed and end up not […]

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A Threat is Still Looming in this ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Trailer

Another war is coming in this ‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 trailer The Walking Dead is a very popular show. It has had a good run so far and attracts fans of many different age groups. It is so popular that a spin off was created called Fear the Walking Dead. This writer has only […]

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This Hero Returns in this ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Trailer

A new foe is coming in this ‘Wonder Woman: Bloodlines’ Trailer Wonder Woman was taboo when they first hit the comic scene. But over time fans of all ages have grown to love her. She has grown and changed over the years, and even dated Superman for a while. This character was done well on […]

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It Looks Like This Team is Getting Bigger in this ‘Titans’ Season 2 Trailer

This teams gains some members in this ‘Titans’ Season 2 Trailer Teen Titans have been in comics for many years. It wasn’t until the Teen Titans animated show though that fans really got to know them. This show had some silly moments but plenty of serious ones too. There are also a few DC animated […]

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Things are About to get Worse in this ‘Agents of Shield’ Comic Con Trailer

A plan comes into focus in this ‘Agents of Shield’  Trailer This team has been through a lot this season. Daisy and Simmons went a mission through space to find Fitz. Many times they were close to a reunion, but then something happened to jeopardize the whole thing. Meanwhile the team on Earth runs into […]

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More Adventure Awaits in this ‘Ducktales’ Season 2 Trailer

Plenty of exciting things to see in this ‘Ducktales’ season 2 trailer Ducktales was a very popular show in the 80’s. It ran for four seasons, spawned a few video games and a theatrical film. When news broke out it was being rebooted in 2017 many fans feared this was a bad idea. But when […]

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Pennywise is Out for Revenge in this ‘It: Chapter Two’ Trailer

Pennywise is very angry in this ‘It: Chapter Two’ Trailer A few years ago a remake of It came to theaters. Many people  thought remaking this movie was a bad idea. But like many fans he was surprised by how good it turned out to be. It had a stellar cast, tons of gore and […]