NEW MUSIC: Paula Campbell – “Good Without You”

The reintroduction of R&B/HipHop/Soul singer Paula Campbell is long overdue! She touched us with soul searching songs like “Just A Man” and “Ain’t Nobody Stupid” in the earlier 2000’s and with club bangers like “How Does It Feel,” setting the mid-Atlantic region ablaze! Now showing off her beautiful vocals, the unique sound compared to sugar “gritty but […]

Chas Bronxson Releases Group H.U.G.S Album

The history of black music has not always been in the forefront. What if there was a video that compressed over 50 years of black music? Multi-talented performer Chas Bronxson has put together a video to mirror this question. The financial benefit will go to the Living Legend Foundation. C: Why is there anger entered around the […]

Indie Artist KiWi

Up and coming artist KiWi that brings a different taste to the independent music industry in Atlanta. KiWi added her own musical style to a concert with Big Boi in Florida recently. “My friend C Wind introduced me to this opportunity. I was going to Florida coming from Atlanta. I was able to meet a […]