New year, healthy you: 4 steps for a healthier you

The new year is often a time filled with self-reflection and thoughts of personal transformation, prompting individuals to start hitting the gym, eating right and reconnecting with old friends. However, New Year’s resolutions can often be short-lived, frequently not even lasting through February. Instead of taking on large, difficult-to-maintain resolutions, there are smaller, simpler steps […]

Healthy Eating in the Holidays

As the cold weather and snow-soaked landscape trail behind the colors of Autumn so do the  Holidays with their celebratory cheer and invitingly delicious foods. Thanksgiving and Christmas pull the last months of the year into a bundle of euphoria and excitement; enough so that we can easily excuse our consumption of baked good delights […]

Wilhelmina Fashion Model Andrea Denver

Professional model Andrea Denver talks with us about what it takes to work as a male model in the industry. He is signed to major industry modeling agencies, Wilhelmina is one of these agencies. Denver has been featured in campaigns for brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Brook Brothers, Hugo Boss, and a lot of others. The […]

Mushrooms: Gentle on the Planet, Healthy on the Plate

Want to start making more earth-friendly food choices in the kitchen? This Earth Month, start with mushrooms, a healthy food that requires minimal natural resources to produce. According to a 2017 study titled “The Mushroom Sustainability Story,” mushroom production requires relatively low water, energy and land space. Growing one pound of mushrooms involves using only […]

5 Reasons Seafood Is A Great Choice For A Relaxing Date Night

“Date night” is an activity people typically look forward to with great anticipation. The good news is, your plans don’t have to be elaborate for evenings together to turn out romantic and fun. Sometimes the most-satisfying date nights are the relaxing evenings spent at home with the one you love, while enjoying a simple meal […]

Kicking off the New Year with a heart healthy start

It is almost time to ring in the New Year, which means it is an opportune time to focus on your health and wellness. If you or a loved one is living with cardiovascular disease (CVD), you may be dealing with many burdens, including access to medications – an increasingly common problem. When prescribed a […]

Fresh Dewy Summer Makeup Look

With summer in full swing, showing off a healthy, bronzed makeup look is the essential way to go. However, the summer’s hundred-degree weather often causes your makeup to look matte and dry—which the last thing anyone would want. After all, you would want your makeup to look fresh with a sun-kissed glow. The solution to […]

5 Reasons Why a Paleo Diet Helps You Perform Your Best

Our ancestors had the answer to a filling and delicious way of eating that was healthy and promoted natural weight loss – a paleo diet meal plan. Although they never would have called it that, they nevertheless were lean, mean, and never had to count their calories. They never bothered to search for organic food, […]