Cecil Thornton’s “Overcomer” Available Now, New EP “Overcomer To Release May 7th

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer Cecil Thornton returns with new music titled “Overcomer.” The song, which is produced by Justin Gilbert and Anthony Parrish of GPAC, LLC is a tour de force where Thornton “Overcomer”, which is the 2nd single and paints a vivid picture of the racial climate we face today and encourages us to stay strong in the midst […]

Of Kings and Prophets Slays Giant Cliches

Of Kings and Prophets made its long awaited debut on ABC last night and the provocative new series is already stirring several pots.  Depicting semi fictitious events centered around the historic and sacred events that occur in Samuel 1 & 2, the writers bravely reworked important history for two of the three Abrahamic religions.  And […]