Forget your local theme park and focus your attention on the Guinness Certified bounce house, The Big Bounce America. The Big Bounce America Tour sets its sights on Atlanta for a fun filled air and bounce weekend. Standing 32 ft. tall at its highest point and covering an area of over 13,000 square feet, this inflatable […]

Active and Energized: Registered Dietitian Shares How Eating Right In The Morning Fuels Energy Throughout The Day

With health and wellness top of mind for many Americans, fitness has become a top priority. Whether you’re extremely active or just starting on a wellness journey, incorporating wholesome, nutritious foods into your diet plan can help give your body the fuel it needs to thrive. “Studies suggest that eating a healthy breakfast before a workout […]

Don’t Fumble The Appetizers For The Big Game

This year’s big game day may be quite different than previous ones, but that shouldn’t stop you from going all-out with your appetizers. Tasty snacks and sports go hand in hand, so use this event to score a touchdown using bite-sized finger foods! Huddle up and try something new Special occasions — especially iconic annual […]

4 Simple Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season

Traditionally, the holiday season is a time to gather with family and friends to reminiscence and celebrate all that has happened throughout the year. But with an ongoing pandemic, many are left looking for new and unique ways to enjoy those time-honored traditions in a way that keeps everyone safe and healthy. So while things […]

Are you addicted to sugar?

Sugar! The love for sugar is real. Even if a person says they do not like sugar, their savory or salty dishes are, unfortunately, filled with sugars. Sugars are in salad dressing (even fat-free salad dressings), condiments, cereal (even low fat cereals), fruit yogurts (low fat, tends to be replaced with high amounts of sugars), […]

A Pumpkin- Spiced Holiday Season

  The holiday season is here, and we are all ready to celebrate. We have all experienced a roller coaster of a year with Covid-19. So for this holiday season, let us all celebrate with some yummy treats that we all deserve. If someone in your family is vegan, gluten-free, and or vegetarian, there are […]

Tips on struggling with your Vegan/Vegetarian Journey.

Let us be honest if one thing people can agree on is that meat tastes good. The savory, juiciness of animal flesh is a comfort for our taste buds. When thinking about becoming vegan and or vegetarian, it can be difficult for the vast majority. For some vegans, the problem is not liking the way […]

Fabulous Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Ideas

Having to celebrate a Mother’s Day during a pandemic is a new concept that the world is adapting to as the year goes on. There will be some who are social distancing from their mothers during the pandemic for their safety. Others may be quarantined with their mothers during these troubled times. Regardless of the […]

Holiday Hacks: How To Spend Less Time Cooking and More Time With Family

The holidays are a time to celebrate and make priceless memories with friends and family. However, when you are the person tasked with preparing and cooking for everyone else, you may often have to miss out on all the family fun and those moments that matter most. Here are several tips to get you motivated […]