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More Adventure Awaits in this ‘Ducktales’ Season 2 Trailer

Plenty of exciting things to see in this ‘Ducktales’ season 2 trailer Ducktales was a very popular show in the 80’s. It ran for four seasons, spawned a few video games and a theatrical film. When news broke out it was being rebooted in 2017 many fans feared this was a bad idea. But when […]

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Scrooge has a new Quest on ‘The Impossible Summit of Mt Neverrest’

Scrooge takes a huge peak on in ‘The Impossible Summit of Mt Neverrest’ Ducktales was a very good cartoon in the eighties. It had a number of seasons, and all ages still appreciate it to this day. When news of a new show came out, this writer wasn’t sure if it would be good or […]

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Watch the Family in Action in these ‘Ducktales’ Clips

Get your first look at the gang in these great ‘Ducktales’ Clips Ducktales was a great cartoon. It had action, drama, comedy, mystery and took viewers on all kinds of adventures. People of all ages still enjoy watching the old cartoons today. Well now a reboot is coming this summer. A few new Ducktales clips […]