Chadwick Boseman, the Hero We Needed

Chadwick Boseman. A name known and loved by thousands of people across the world. Chadwick Boseman’s work changed the lives of so many, and he had a huge impact on the Black Community. He portrayed Black icons Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Thurgood Marshall. He also brought the character of T’Challa to life in Marvel’s Black Panther. He […]

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This Hero Springs into Action in this ‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer

Check out this action packed ‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer Marvel has a lot of good films coming out in the near future. Fans can look forward to Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming and many others. Black Panther had a great introduction to the big screen in Captain America: Civil War, and now he is getting his […]