Chadwick Boseman, the Hero We Needed

Chadwick Boseman. A name known and loved by thousands of people across the world. Chadwick Boseman’s work changed the lives of so many, and he had a huge impact on the Black Community. He portrayed Black icons Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Thurgood Marshall. He also brought the character of T’Challa to life in Marvel’s Black Panther. He […]

Black In Business: Learn More About Why Ghana is Africa’s True Investment Gem

Sisters Anna and Victoria Agyekum are the co-founders of On Point Property Management Ltd, a 360 company which combines, management and lettings, bespoke personalized tours to Ghana and a property and lifestyle expo, which takes place annually in London, England and Atlanta, Georgia USA respectively. Born in London to Ghanaian parents, both sisters have over […]

Why Moonlight Will Go Down in History For So Much More Than Best Picture

There was a time when the 8-time Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winning Moonlight would have been remembered for its sharp, radical depiction of a black man’s coming-of-age story, its intricately crafted cinematography, and its debut of a black, queer, male experience in modern film. Now, it’ll be remembered for a card mix-up, rather than […]

Love Jones: The Musical Changes The Game

In black cinema, there are a few titles that stand above the rest.  Timeless in their message and themes, these movies transcend their era to the point of representing it.  Love Jones is one of those iconic titles.  And twenty years after the film’s release, the brand is getting fresh new life in the form […]

Ghost Brothers Chase Fear With Funny On Destination America

Black ghost hunters.  Perhaps a question mark is a more fitting punctuation.  Either way, the point stands that Destination America is offering us a break from the norm with their new offering Ghost Brothers, premiering Friday, April 15, 2016 at 10/9c.  Dalen Spratt {@dalenspratt}, Juwan Mass {@juwanmass}, and Marcus Harvey {@themarcusharvey} are bringing cool ghost […]

Around the World Wednesday: Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo street fashion is bold, electric, and full of life! In Tokyo there are so many cultures and subcultures that we see everything from light kawaii pastels, vibrant knee socks, all black everything, doll like appearance, and out of this world platform heels! In Tokyo there’s no such thing as blending in or the phrase […]