Lewis Del Mar Releases Sophomore Album “August”

After a four year hiatus, Danny Miller and Max Harwood of Lewis Del Mar are back on the scene. Their new album greatly exemplifies the long-standing quote, “good things come to those who wait.” “TV, ” as well as their previously released tracks: “Rosalie (CH. II),” “The Ceiling,” “Border (CH. III),” and “Do You Need Me” made for […]

Can the Young, Trae Young-Led Hawks Fly High This Season?

The last time Atlanta buzzed with basketball excitement was in the early 1990s. The Hawks were then led by the high-flying Dominique Wilkins, who received a fitting musical tribute from Master P. in May. Since then, Hawks fans have had little to cheer about, except for that magical 60-win season in 2014–2015. That has changed […]