Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse – Trailer

Sony Pictures Animation has released the second, but  first full length, trailer to the animated  Spider Man movie, “Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse.” Miles Morales (Shameik Moore)  has recently discovered his spider powers. He is being mentored by a seemingly witless Peter Parker (Jack Johnson), who explains to him there are many spider universes and […]

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The Holidays are Coming to the Pridelands on ‘The Lion Guard’

Christmas is coming to the Pridelands on ‘The Lion Guard’ The Lion King was a big hit for Disney when it came out. It spawned a sequel, a prequel, a Broadway musical and a live action version coming out next year. The Lion Guard takes place in the same universe, after the first film but […]

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Two Teams Join Together in this ‘Scooby Doo! and Batman’ Trailer

Two Team Choose to Work Together in this ‘Scooby Doo! and Batman’ Trailer Mystery Inc has been around for a long time. They have stopped all kinds of baddies, and shown up on a number of different shows. They have also made the jump to the big screen in two films. They have worked with […]

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Two Different Ages Collide in this ‘Early Man’ Trailer

The Stone Age and Bronze Age Collide in this ‘Early Man’ Trailer Nick Park has made some amazing characters. He put himself on the map with Wallace and Gromit, and from there started making movies. Chicken Run is a very good film, one that tells a pretty amazing story. Next Year he has a new […]

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‘Batman Vs. Two-Face’ Brings the Caped Crusaders Together Again

The First Trailer for ‘Batman Vs. Two-Face’ is Here There have been some really good Batman animated movies lately. They get to tell the stories live action films never could. There are a lot of different reasons for this. The first trailer for the newest animated film Batman Vs. Two-Face is now online. Here is what it tells us […]

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Step into a World on Wonder in this ‘Coco’ Trailer

Explore a fascinating new world in this ‘Coco’ Trailer Disney is takes risks in the movies they make lately, and most of the time they pay off. They have made films about talking toys, cars and planes that can speak, and shown us the unknown world of monsters more than once. Their newest film Coco […]

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Watch the Family in Action in these ‘Ducktales’ Clips

Get your first look at the gang in these great ‘Ducktales’ Clips Ducktales was a great cartoon. It had action, drama, comedy, mystery and took viewers on all kinds of adventures. People of all ages still enjoy watching the old cartoons today. Well now a reboot is coming this summer. A few new Ducktales clips […]

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This ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ Trailer is Full of Nonstop Action

Check out this action packed ‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’ Trailer The Lego films have been a surprise hit for Warner Brothers. The Lego Movie was really good, and The Lego Batman Movie was better than this writer expected it to be. Now they have another movie coming out called The Lego Ninjago Movie. The first […]

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The Emoji’s come to life in this ‘The Emoji Movie’ Trailer

The First Trailer for ‘The Emoji Movie’ Is Here Emoji’s are something that is quite popular on mobile devices these days. There are all kinds out there, and new ones come out all the time. The Emoji Movie is an animated film that plans on telling the lives of these things. The first trailer is now […]