PA Salieu Performs Hit “FRONTLINE” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In light of his recent debut album, Send Them To Coventry, 23-year-old British-Gambian, artist Pa Salieu performed his single “Front Line” live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Thursday (January 21st). Pa’s anti-capitalistic anthem broke him into the 2021 American music scene, being released on January 2cd.

Pa’s performance only reconfirmed the manifestation of infectious fervor and confidence. The song opens with a hefty hook:

They don’t know about the block lifeStill doing mazza inna frontline
They ain’t on what I’m on right
Still doing mazza inna frontline
They ain’t grow around the block side
Still doing mazza inna frontline
Niggas still gully in the six side
Still doing mazza in your frontline

Mazza is Cambodian slang adopted by Black-British youth. It references Mazzaleen – meaning madness, crazy, or situation.

The hook largely depicts the consumerist tenor of  Coventry’s city of Wood End.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Pa Salie said the following:

There’s a strip in the ends [Wood End] and we call it the ‘Frontline’ and that relates to everywhere. America, Holland, there’s frontlines all over. In London, Manchester, there’s even frontlines back home, in Africa. There’s always that strip. Money, cash, hustle, market, everything goes on. It’s the frontline. [The frontline] is a metaphor, but again, it’s subliminal.

Being a drifter from Cambodia to the UK, only to break out in America, the patterns Pa witnesses are universal.

Pa’s debut mixtape “Send Them To Coventry” is a 15-track masterpiece. The piece reconfirms Pa’s versatility as he masters the craft of genre-blending, fusing facets most common to Afrofusion, Grime, and dancehall. All 15-tracks feature lyrics engrossed in idiosyncrasy, Coventry vernacular, and Black-British idioms. Pa exposes himself through self-contained reflection. In his single “Energy” featuring fellow British singer song-writer: Mahlia, Pa contemplates,
Some get it on their own, leech on their own
For the love of money, seen niggas turn on their own
They told me I can’t do it, that it don’t sense
You switch too fast, it’s either the grave or a pen
(They told me I can’t do it, that it don’t sense)
(You switch too fast, it’s either the grave or a pеn)
Crown on my head, I was born shinin’
They put us in the dirt so we keep dyin’
I died a hundred times and I keep fightin’
‘Cause you doin’ your people shaky and I’m still ridin’

Pa is a loyalist to his people, to his city, and to his community.

Pa is not perturbed by racial injustice but simply besmirches the system with his own noble pride.

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