Girl In Yellow- Yxnxr1 Long Waited Single Released

Welsh singer and rapper Timothy Francis Lee, better known by  yxngxr1,  from Cardiff, Wales, released his new single “Girl in Yellow” yesterday night.

You’d think there’d be little to be said of a track that barely makes it to two minutes. Yet, just like before, Timothy delivers his ever-growing fanbase with another alternative rock/trap combo influenced by the likes of Domnick Fike and Tyler The Creator.

Choosing the name Yxngxr1 haphazardly and adhering to it through a specific love for anonymity, the Welsh artist originally gained traction upon releasing multiple singles to SoundCloud in 2018. After he graduated high school, Yxngxr1 started making eps on garage band but was met with rejection when he shared them with friends. After having worked at FootLocker for one year, he decided to pick up his craft again.  Tyler, an early 2019 ode to the sequential artist, now has almost 3 million plays. He is currently signed to Empire, an American Record label.

Yxngr1’s last album, YELLOWYELLOWYELLOW, released July 2020, is nostalgia-born, a blunt exploration of his high school experiences, particularly the relationships he had. In his tracks, he depicts these adolescent vague occurrences and characters, inviting you into your own idiosyncratic exploration.

“Girl in Yellow” is no exception, with a jazzy drum beat and bluesy bass providing a swift setting. Yxngr is vulnerable in this track,  expressing a painful yearning for an unattainable relationship.

Yxngr1 recently wrote on Twitter that he will release several eps foreshadowing one epic album.



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