Holiday dessert, drink, and food must-haves


Enjoy this wonderful holiday season, with holiday staples. Foods during the holiday season are filled with sweetness and savoriness. From pumpkin to the many casseroles that surround our dinner tables, meals during the holiday season bring us together. Happy holiday and happy new years. 

Pumpkin Pie – Who can resist a good pumpkin pie? It is the holiday dessert must have that provides comfort and sweetness, that gets one ready for the holiday season.

Sugar Cookies – A sweet and delicious addition to the holiday season. Sugar cookies are great to have while watching Christmas movies. 

Sweet Potato Pie – Grandmother’s make the best sweet potato pies. A sweet potato pie will surely you into a food coma.  

Ginger Bread Cookies – What is a holiday season without making gingerbread cookies or a gingerbread house? It is a fun way for family bonding time and allows people to be creative and interactive. Put those phones away and make some gingerbread cookies and houses.  



Apple Cider – Wintertime is made for apple ciders. When it is cold outside, and you have a taste for something savory and sweet, Apple cider is your go-to.

Hot Chocolate – Do you love chocolate? Well, Hot chocolate is great to have during the holidays. Especially, if you are out and about, hot chocolate will lift your mood, warm you up in the cold, and most importantly, taste delicious. 

Eggnog – Do you like bourbon in your eggnog? Whiskey? Virgen. Eggnog, usually only being available during the holiday season will have the adults drinking eggnog left and right. Eggnog can be served for holiday parties and enjoyed in a variety of ways. 

Breakfast Casserole – Did you have a family and friends’ home gathering coming up this holiday season? Breakfast Casseroles are delicious yet a great way to start a day of festivities with family and friends.

Green Bean Casserole – Do you need sides for your meals this holiday season? Well, green bean casseroles are a staple for the holiday season. This is a great option for those who like to eat green beans but in casserole style. 

Mac n Cheese Casserole – Do you like macaroni and cheese, but in casserole-style? This is a great option as a side during this holiday season. The savory taste of the cheeses will have you in a food coma. 



Southern Collard Greens – Many people like Collard greens, but Southern Collard greens are on another level. It seems that people from the south know exactly how to season their foods. This is a great side to have during your holiday dinners. 

Turkey – Of course, turkey is non-negotiable. Turkey for holiday dinners is simply not fun. Do you like your turkey with gravy? White or brown? So many options for this holiday season. 

Ham – How do you serve your ham during the holiday season? Ham is another great meat option during the holiday season. 

Dressing – Dressings are sides that many people would never leave out of their holiday meals. Dressing with cranberry sauce? If you have not tried it, do so. You will not regret it with every bite you take. 

Southern Peach Cobler – There is something special about a peach cobbler, but a southern peach cobbler takes it to another level. The seasonings, the love put into that peach cobbler, and the sweet and savory taste of the Southern peach cobbler would leave your taste buds with pure joy. 


Happy Holidays

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