Artists to Watch: Jean Dawson

If there is one artist to keep your eye on it’s Jean Dawson. The Mexican-American artist is a mystifying enigma. His musical influences: rap, punk, hip-hop, pop, and experimental, are not only a product of his bicultural background but that of our transient environment. Having been born in the midst of technologically dependent times offering us the world at large, Jean has
mastered the art of incorporating his favorite sounds with his own twist. He explains, “I’ve been a product of so many different cultures that when people ask me about the genre-bending, I don’t even look at it as anything other than making music that I would want to listen to.” Refusing to be constricted to a singular form, Jean vowed to remain true to himself and keep one subject in mind: inclusivity. With every song we get a taste of the electrifying and fresh polymath that is Jean Dawson. His latest release, “Starface*”, is another hit under his belt and potentially the last single before his debut album, Pixel Bath, drops next month. “Starface*” features hip-hop and synth-pop elements that create an almost addictive sound. Jean’s rugged voice backed by such an upbeat sound carries this almost contradicting theme to his style as he often writes about rather heavy subjects: death, existentialism, escapism, identity, and so on. Particularly, in his latest release he writes about an almost omnipresence in his life always challenging him: “There’s static in the air. Which one of y’all go try to shake me off my step? There’s an oculus in the sky.”
This idea of a common enemy and trying to combat the negativity runs through his discography and leaves an impression on fans who feel the bravery and inspiration behind his artistry. Needless to say, Jean Dawson is a groundbreaking artist whose future holds so much promise and moves us all to be a little weirder and a little more honest with ourselves. If Pixel Bath is anything like his EP, Bad Sports, it’s sure to be a wild and unrelenting ride.

Listen to “Starface*” here

Post Author: Celina Rodrigues

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