Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

Nintendo kicked off the 35th anniversary for Mario with Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The All-Star package is filled with three timeless classic titles like Super Mario 64 (Released in 1994 on the Nintendo 64), Super Mario Sunshine (Released in 2002 on GameCube), and Super Mario Galaxy (Released in 2007 on the Wii). Each game is revamped with new vibrant colors bringing these classic titles back to life.


Super Mario 64 

The nostalgia that comes back with Super Mario 64 is timeless. The traditional story of saving princess Peach in the castle comes back with a twist. This time Bowser has taken control of Peach’s castle. With this beautifully restored version, Super Mario 64 no longer has the traditional blur leaving the game looking clean and clear with, of course, the pixel graphics. The frustrating camera movement is still the same as it gets stuck on particular walls making some areas irritating. Overall, Super Mario 64 still holds up as its traditional platformer. It is full of the classic memorable levels like Bomb-Omb Battlefield, Hazy Maze Cave, and Shifting Sand Land, along with fun creative puzzles.

Super Mario Sunshine 

Super Mario Sunshine brought us new mechanics like FLUDD, along with beautiful Isle Delfino. In this beloved classic, Mario is framed for drawing graffiti all over Isle Delfino. It is up to Mario and FLUDD to clean up the town and bring back the shine sprites to Isle Delfino. FLUDD brings a new outlook to the 3D Mario title allowing completely different gameplay. Four different nozzles that unlock throughout the game change up the style and allow access to other places on the map. There are countless unforgettable levels like Noki Bay, Sirena Beach, and Pianta Village that capture the vacation island feeling. This is truly an iconic Mario game for all fans and those who loved the GameCube.

Super Mario Galaxy 

In Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser pulls his normal princess abduction, but this time, he takes the castle and Peach to outer space. Mario must save the princess with the help of a new character Rosalina and her Lunar star friends. This 3D platform brings new creative ideas like gravity-based planets, allowing Mario to explore even the planets’ strangest spots. This addition puts a new perspective on each galaxy. New power-ups change the gameplay like Bee Mario flying around a honeycomb and Boo Mario, who can turn invisible and float through walls. A fan favorite is Mario’s new ability to skate on ice. This takes the irritation out of slippery ice when Mario can carelessly skate in circles giving the player a smooth feeling while on ice. Some weird camera angles can make things a little frustrating while trying to maneuver around. But overall, the Wii controls transition very well over to the switch’s joy-cons. Bringing back this favorite Wii title to the collection tops it off.


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