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Living in the day to day grind, it becomes brilliantly easy to push obligations off, look for reasons to escape, and forget about what is important and what one is truly working for. It can be hard to remember how important it is to take the time to step back and disconnect from the bullshit and reconnect with the real shit. By taking the time to sit back and listen instead of always being the one to speak, one can interact with multitudes of individuals they might never have otherwise and be fortunate enough to expand their minds. One of the most beautiful aspects of music is its connectivity, offering hope and promise to any who engage with it seriously. And during the past six months, this ability to connect has never seemed as important.

Hearing J. Good for the first time on the other end of the phone reassured me that he was the stand-up, solid dude that he presented himself through the music. His stern voice tells the tale of his life, having spent time between New York and Toronto, speaking what’s on his mind and not leaving words unsaid “I was in high school, and a teacher told me that I had a cool voice, he asked me if I had ever tried music, and that was the spark,” was the origin story of the J Goodie. That was back around 2012-2013, when he was living in Toronto. He started writing more and more, being someone who had always loved music but didn’t think that it was for him, threw himself full-heartedly into his newest venture. One of his sandbox homie’s, Julius Ice, helped him come up with the full version of his name., J. G(reatness) .O(bsession) .O(riginal). D(edication) I(ntelligent) .E(xciting)., words that he described as impacting him every day, motivating him to go harder with every verse.

His inspiration musically from the New York Cats from the ‘90s, the self-made hustlers who talked their shit and didn’t let anything stand in their way. J. Good goes immediately to Ma$e when asked who his favorite rapper is (outside of himself, of course, confidence is key) with the late great Nipsey Hussle coming in second. The way that he tells is, J. Good got his belief in ambition and grind for oneself and no one else, forget the middleman grind. He took this ambition with him when he went and moved to New York (specifically in the Bronx) with nothing more than a thumb-drive with a handful of songs recorded on it and his drive. It is also in this same fashion that J. Good is signed to himself and only himself. In addition, he owns his own publishing company, positioning himself as an artist equally businessman. He explained that these were growing years for him, learning and understanding that there’s too many people out in the world that disguise their true intentions through fake love. He despises the fake promises of success and the fake dreams that they try to sell to so many people, without giving them a full understanding of the necessary grind associated with making a career out of hip-hop. And I cannot blame him for that.

He continued on his mission when one day out of the blue, Shayla Mack slid through his messages. She told him that she loved the music that he was putting out and the vibe/passion around him. “It was totally out of nowhere, and she just hit me like let’s do this and make it huge,” J. Good explained when asked about the beginning of his and SK’s business relationship. It was on from there. “This summer was supposed to be a big one for J. Goodie,” he explained to me over the phone, having had plans to roll through Philly, San Francisco, and Ohio in his first time going across the country and get his face out there. He has spent time traveling around Canada, hitting Sunbury, London, Bolton, Mississauga and Windsor doing shows. He’s stayed busy during quarantine, keeping his head down and grinding, and the video that he put together this last weekend clearly shows it. We talked before the video was shot, and J. Good described it as “definitely having a Dipset or like Heatmakerz vibe to it,” and after watching it, I have to agree. The name of the song is “Go Hard”, nicely sums up the energy that J. Good has been able to harness and rock with during the past four or five month, more than that even, over the past couple of years. Although it may be a while until any American could go on up to see him do a show once the world starts to open back up, J. Good said that he plans on rocking stages throughout the States. Keep ya ears open for his name, he’s got heat coming from the North. Check the Insta, Twitter, follow and subscribe the youtube, etc., and make sure to look for his new album coming out in the fall!


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