Lewis Del Mar Releases Sophomore Album “August”

After a four year hiatus, Danny Miller and Max Harwood of Lewis Del Mar are back on the scene. Their new album greatly exemplifies the long-standing quote, “good things come to those who wait.” “TV, ” as well as their previously released tracks: “Rosalie (CH. II),” “The Ceiling,” “Border (CH. III),” and “Do You Need Me” made for a wondrous preview into what is a transparent, sentimental, and eccentric sophomore album. “Do You Need Me” is particularly reminiscent of their self-titled debut album. Soft melancholy vocals and a beautiful fusion of experimental sounds offer longtime fans an intimate sense of nostalgia and comfort. The lead singer, Danny, contemplates his demons and looming darkness, unveiling years of self-reflection and soul-searching. A self-deprecating tone is set as he divulges: “It’s all over for me, I might need it to be. Oh-oh, I got demons to beat, all my life, all my life.” “Bloom,” a folk-inspired piece, carries on the theme of purging oneself of demons as Danny confesses: “Here in my room, dying to sleep outside the tomb of my memory.” He aches for a clean slate, one rid of the burdens of his past. Their musical range makes them hard to define, still they remain an open-book welcoming listeners to more than just a sonically pleasing ride but a cathartic one as well. August confirms the duality of human nature; the twists and turns we experience when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and, simply, look inside.

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