Binki, with only a handful of released songs, is slowly but surely making a name for himself. The 22-year-old North Carolina native has created a unique blend of indie pop, hip-hop, and funk that’s cemented him in the category of artists worth
watching. His discography makes for a heavenly soundtrack to adolescence, love affairs, and those moments when you want to let loose! “Heybb,” his latest release, is bound to get you up and grooving, putting a happy filter on the pains of unrequited love. The song begins with Binki calling out his love interest for making him feel disoriented; he’s feeling “punch-drunk crazy.” Though his love interest brings him unrest, he begs for more asking, “Can we do it again?” Overlapping vocals backed by upbeat instrumentals create an irresistible charm to the song and, quite frankly, whirlwind romance.

Watch the official video for “Heybb”

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