Old Trends to Ditch and What to Replace Them With

The constant rotation of old and new trends in the fashion industry not only recycles trends of the past but illuminates new trends while throwing trends of the season prior, in the backseat. Although it may be impossible to keep up with the multitude of trends that are presented to you on the glossy pages of fashion magazines, it is certainly possible to get one or two under your belt. If nothing else, we can at least aid you in figuring out what has gone out of style for the upcoming seasons, and what to keep your eye on. We’ve rounded up five fashion trends that have already had their moments in the sun, and tell you exactly what to replace them with to keep your wardrobe fresh and current.



1. Ditch: Boyfriend Jeans

The relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans is something that we will always love, but right now it’s all about embracing the new style of jeans to come. Sure the relaxed fit gives your outfit an effortless vibe, but this can also be achieved through other styles of jeans that are representative of current trends.

1. Try: Straight-leg Jeans

Instead of boyfriend jeans, opt for straight-leg jeans that match the chic Parisian aesthetic that is widely sought after right now. You could blame it on the cabin fever that everyone is currently experiencing, but emulating European style through minimal outfits, neutral tones, and natural makeup is extremely popular at the moment. Staight-leg jeans are a French girl’s wardrobe essential, making each outfit look chic and sophisticated.


Via: Who What Wear


Via: Who What Wear

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2. Ditch: Neons

Neon was a recycled trend from the ’80s that made its way back to the runways not too long ago. While there are still a few stylish ways you can incorporate neon colors, it’s not as popular as it was a few years ago. Although neon shades and bright colors will never fully leave the fashion scene, the excitement towards the trend has since died down and nestled in the hearts of true neon lovers.

2. Try: Pastels

Trading out your neon shades does not mean that you have to give up neon completely. There are particular bright shades that will see their rise this fall, but pastel colors and light tones will also be popular. Unconventional spring colors mixed together make for a bright statement and a smile-inducing outfit!


Via: Funstany
Via: Funstany

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3. Ditch: V-Neck T-Shirts

A v-neck t-shirt is a good staple to have and can go a long way in terms of layering and providing a solid foundation for an outfit, but if your are leaning into the trend of simplicity and are looking to keep your outfits minimal, the best way to do that is to elevate your basics.

3. Try: Padded T-Shirts

The basic that is need of a makeover is your v-neck t-shirt. Swap that t-shirt out for the same t-shirt that instead has a rounded collar and padded shoulders. The padded shoulders will make your t-shirt look more expensive and less like a basic. It not only elevates your t-shirt to be a stand-alone piece, but it also adds flair to your entire wardrobe.


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4. Ditch: Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers, often nicknamed as “dad sneakers” were an acquired taste that some were able to style seemingly well. However, the chunky sneakers were both heavy and obnoxious, and don’t coincide nicely with the new shoe trends of today.

4. Try: Quilted Sandals

Instead of chunky sneakers, try quilted sandals! They are comfortable, minimal, and easy to wear. Plus, they come in a variety of different colors, alongside white, and black is practically is your middle name. The quilted texture is a huge trend for fall 2020 fashion, whether that’s on sandals, bags, or clothing.

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5. Ditch: Loud Prints

Loud prints can certainly be fun, but with everyone staying at home, a new way of dressing has come along with it. The endless of days of loungewear have inspired trends like minimal makeup, soft dressing, and neutral tones. Ditch the loud prints and opt for a Parisian look that combines neutral tones.

5. Try: Neutral Tones

You can never go wrong with neutral tones. Simple and sustainable dressing are both very popular right now, and allow for people to experiment with soft colors and combining neutrals. Thinking of combining neutral tones in a chic way usually inspires thoughts of Princess Diana’s outfits that were timeless and classic. When trying to combine neutral tones this fall, play around with whites, tans, and creams.


Via: Leonie Hanne
Via: WeWoreWhat

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