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This past Thursday Xbox came out with a bang on their new line up of upcoming video games. Announced was over 15 new titles with 5 being console launch exclusives. Not, many of their titles had release dates making me skeptical on just how long we will be waiting for these games.

Xbox started things off with a 12-minute look at Halo Infinite. The graphics looked stunningly smooth as the story introduction unfolded. As the game-play started, the world was beautiful and full of wildlife. Everything looked crisp from the gun display to the surrounding objects. Shooting enemies seem fluid and quick. The traditional four-wheel Halo vehicle even made an appearance. High tech large shields were shown off and used against large enemies, along with new laser guns. This story campaign is the largest one yet with a big open world map and more visual effects at 60 frames per second. Halo Infinite drops holiday 2020.

State of Decay 3 appeared with a two-minute intense trailer of a woman surviving in the woods, and a deer that turned rouge. With no release date, we will be waiting for this one.

Forza Motorsport footage was shown that was captured in-engine showing some of the finest raytracing and lifelike racing footage.

Rare is back and in full swing with the exciting title called Everwild. The unique art style makes Everwild stick out as this new world shows you just how magic flows through nature. There was no release date given. 

In the preview of “Tell Me Why,” we get details about this emotional journey that a brother and sister take to unfold the secretes in their childhood life. Chapter One of Tell Me Why releases August 27th.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is getting a special edition for Xbox Series X upping the frame rates and 4k clarity making Ori crisper and brighter than ever.

Obsidian Entertainment came in hot during their segment showing three new things the company is undergoing. The Outerworlds is back with a new DLC planet, “Pearl on Gorgon.” With new strangers, weapons, and enemies, The Outerworlds has something new to offer players on September 9th.

Also, from Obsidian was the title Grounded, this funny, witted trailer shows a group of kids who seemed to be shrunk in the yard and must fight ants, spiders, and bugs. A quick sneak peek of house building, and weapon-wielding looked fun and exciting. You can take on your version of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” on July 28th.

Obsidian then assured fans that they were working on the RPG project they had promised. Following that statement was the official trailer to Avowed. This first-person fantasy RPG is Obsidian at their best. This highly anticipated RPG did not show us much detail, but it looks promising coming from Obsidian.

A new interactive drama made of paintings was announced called As Dusk Falls, followed by the announcement of Hellblade II taking place in Iceland. Unfortunately, this was all the Hellblade information we were given.

The cosmic trippy universe adventure is returning to Xbox in Psychonauts 2, showing Jack Black singing in-game audio. Again, no release date.

Bungie announced that Destiny is coming to Xbox along with a modified version just for Xbox’s hard drive capabilities.

Launch exclusives included titles like Stalker 2, Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tide, Tetris Effect, and New Genesis were announced.

Shown back in May, “The Medium” made another appearance in a deep two-sided world horror story. With a dual reality game-play, this means two worlds are rendered simultaneously. With no release date, we will not know when we can jump into the double-sided universe.

Xbox threw in a firework at the end to close the show out with the highly anticipated announcement of Fable. The last time this franchise was seen on a platform was in 2010. This quick one-minute reveal did not show off anything but gave the players what they came to see. Xbox announced they would have more to show on upcoming games later in the year.


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