Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer Update Volume 1

On July 3rd, 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons received its second major update since launch day. Players can now cool off by wearing a wet suit and go diving into the ocean. While beating the summer heat in the water, you can also catch sea creatures and donate them to the museum. After a while, you will be greeted by a unique visitor named Pascal. Pascal is a red sea otter who loves scallops and will welcome you in the ocean to collect your scallops.

Other fun summer things include a new mermaid-themed furniture set to craft, and fun seasonal items added to the Nook Shopping catalog. Also, Nook Miles can now be traded for new items.

Pirate Gulliver now shows up on the beach. He is a lost pirate sailor who can be randomly found washed up ashore. Like the original Gulliver, he has been thrown overboard and needs to find communicator parts to put his phone back together. Instead of digging for them in the sand like previous times, the communicator parts are now in the ocean.

A new season brings new bugs and fish to catch. Some fresh fish arriving in July include the blue marlin, sweet fish, puffer-fish, ocean sunfish, and the napoleon fish. The new bugs to catch are Queen Alexandra’s birdwing, banded dragonfly, great purple emperor, diving beetle, pond skater, the violin beetle, the Rosalina beetle, and the scorpion. Get out and get those new bugs donated to the museum.

The summer season and hot weather bring new fun things to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Each new update that Nintendo provides betters the game every time. The next Summer Update Volume 2 is said to release early August. Animal Crossing fans look forward to what will happen throughout the year.

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