The 6 Biggest Trends to Know Now for Fall 2020

Although summer is in full swing, fashion experts and followers have already begun looking ahead to the fall 2020 fashion season. Fall is one of the most prominent times for the fashion world, and always comes with a host of new trends for the months ahead! The fashion through the duration of the fall months is always at its best, as it is easiest to experiment with layers, mixing of patterns and new colors, when the weather allows for it. With everyone still spending a large amount of time at home, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the trends and know what to expect for next fall! We have listed the 6 biggest trends for fall 2020, helping guide you through each one while suggesting easy looks that you can recreate at home, inspired by the runway.

1. Knee-High Boots


Knee-high boots aren’t a new trend for the fall fashion scene. In fact, boots are a fall and winter staple, and can instantly transform an outfit. However, the boots that are predicted to be popular for fall 2020 aren’t made for walking and are instead more geared towards catching the eye. Think of bright whites, metallics, bold colors, and even patterns. The crazier the better! Go for a nice tall boot that hits right at your knee, making your legs look endlessly long! These would look great paired with skinny jeans, a long dress or skirt, and even slouchy pants that can be tucked into the boots.

2. Bourgeoisie Style


The word bourgeoisie is a French word that is used to describe the well-off middle class. Fashion is inspired by the classic French style in aspects such as aristocratic bows, pleated skirts, pantsuits, high-neck blouses, overcoats, neck scarves, tweed, and ruffles. This style is reminiscent of French and European style that is as classic as American prep. A great way to try out the trend is to select blouses or sweaters that have ruffles or a high neckline, and pair that with a long skirt and boots or loafers.

3. Leather & Pleather


Leather is a classic fall and winter fabric, with its sleek and edgy look that brings a cool factor to almost any outfit. Although a leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, leather will be seen in various new ways, allowing you to really expand on the typical notion as to what a leather piece is. Think of leather skirts, blouses, shoes, headbands, and bags. You can even mix leather pieces by choosing pieces that are different colors and pair them together. If you want to get in on the trend but aren’t sure where to start, we suggest looking at a leather blouse, skirt, or pants. Start with one piece by pairing a leather blouse with some skinny jeans, or taking a t-shirt and pairing it with a leather skirt or leather pants.

4. Prep School Patterns


The prep school style that has been shortened to the well-known term, “preppy,” is also a classic American style. Take the prep that you already know, but give it a more mature flair that can be incorporated into everyday style. Think argyles, sleek blazers, cardigans, knit sweaters, and riding boots. Anything reminiscent of Ralph Lauren and New England outfits is sure to be a hit next fall.

5. Fringe


Fringe has come and gone over the course of fashion history and this year it is here to stay, at least for the fall. You can find fringe lined bags, at the bottom of skirt hems, at the bottom of jacket hems, and intertwined on jackets. A skirt with a fringe hem paired with a sweater and some fall boots is an easy way to hop on the fringe trend while still making your outfit wearable for an everyday look.

6. Capes


Some people love the idea of capes and others don’t. However you feel on the topic of capes, they are coming into fall 2020 at a fast pace and making a statement. Capes are extremely practical because they keep you warm and come in a variety of styles, while still looking stylish. You can pick a short cape if that fits your style, pick a patterned cape for more of a statement, or a cape with a simple trim to give a classic and elegant look. Whichever way you choose, style it the same way you would a jacket and your fall or winter outfit is instantly elevated.


Post Author: Olivia Flynn

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