L.O.V.E. Is What The World Needs

Carl Brister Makes A Strong Statement
About L.O.V.E. in Critical Times!
A husband and proud father of two sons, Carl grew concerned about the rise of police brutality and broadening racial divide throughout the country. Using music to bring people together, in 2016 he founded The Love+Unity Fest, a free family outdoor event created to inspire unity in the community. “In the wake of Covid-19, we’re pivoting the festival into online and social virtual experiences as the message is still critical. With the divisiveness increasing throughout our nation, I feel the urge to continue the #LoveUnityTour partnering with different platforms to bring the tour to social media platforms. Our goal will be to promote the message that LOVE is so needed today.”
Layered against his signature mix of lush harmonies, warm tones, and high falsetto, Carl Brister’s socially conscious new single “L.O.V.E.” comes at a critical time. “Lately the world’s been goin crazy. Hate divides, but love’s the one thing that unifies,” expresses singer/songwriter, Carl Brister, on the retro soul throwback song with a message that penetrates the soul, touches the heart, and brings people together.
For Brister it also goes back to Dr. King’s statement – Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere in his Letter From Birmingham. “George Floyd on the ground for me was no different than seeing Eric Garner choked to death, Michael Brown being shot multiple times by police, or Alston Sterling, or Philando Castile. We see color before we see love, but if we see love before we see color then we will truly see one another connected as human beings who need to step up and stand for one another. No matter what our racial or cultural distinctions are, love is the way forward. We have to love each other enough to hold one another accountable. Love is an action word, it’s not just what we say but what we do. We have to LOVE ourselves enough to resist hate while fighting for change. LOVE one another enough to pray. LOVE never fails,”
L.O.V.E., inspired by Marvin Gaye’s timeless classic, “What’s Goin’ On,” asks important questions about the state of the world and explores the similar issues that Gaye sang about when he released “What’s Goin’ On” nearly 50 years ago – police brutality, education, voting, and discrimination. Although the questions are the same, Carl offers L.O.V.E. as the solution!
“L.O.V.E.” is currently available on all online platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. “Everything begins and ends with L.O.V.E.! It’s what we all need!”

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