5 Unique Ways to Wear Your Sweatpants Post-Quarantine

In the midst of quarantine, most people who are spending countless days at home don’t feel the need to get formally dressed every day. And for good reason, as sweatpants and loungewear are the most comfortable things to wear when doing exactly what the name suggests, lounge. Despite the unusual nature of summer this year, summer trends are entering in full force and are making a statement. One of the biggest, and most obvious, trends at the moment is sweatpants. Now is a better time than ever to buy those comfy sweats you’ve been eyeing or that matching set that seemed like it would never be worn. Not only can you wear these items during your time at home, but you can also re-wear them next fall. By pulling items from your closet that you, most likely, already own, your sweatpants will take on a whole new life once you are able to hit the streets!

1. All About the Accessories

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Unsure of how to dress up your sweatpants? Start by adding stylish accessories and go from there. Adding layered necklaces and a classic bag can revision the color scheme of the entire outfit. Sunglasses are a unique way to elevate an outfit and tie in the metal tones that are reflected in your jewelry. A stack of bracelets, chain-linked necklaces, or hoop earrings, are all items that will immediately individualize your outfit and seamlessly match any pair of sweatpants you own. You can also mix it up with a wide brim hat, baseball cap, headband or oversized scrunchie to give the top of your outfit some deserved attention.

2. Mix Color Combinations

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Tired of your grey and black sweatpants? Add some color! Colors like magenta, lavender, emerald green, light blue, and light pink all combine nicely together during the summer but can easily be used for fall outfits as well. Get creative by combining colorful sweatpants with bright blazers, sweaters, or sweatshirts to make your outfit unique and trendy. Some color combinations that pair well together are emerald green and lavender, light pink and navy, light pink and orange, and magenta and lavender. You can even get creative with how you introduce new colors by adding a bright bag or a pair of statement sunglasses.

3. Swap out the Sneakers

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The options are truly endless when it comes to diversifying an outfit through your choice of shoes. Although the go-to pair of shoes when it comes to loungewear is sneakers, you can easily amplify the uniqueness of your outfit by opting for a pair of shoes you wouldn’t necessarily grab as your first choice. Think of a pair of mules, lace-up combat boots, heels, booties, loafers, or tall boots. Pairing heels with your sweatpants can give your outfit a refined touch, while combat boots give your outfit a sense of street style that one can only fantasize about right now.

4. Make it Monochrome

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Matching sets are a huge trend right now, but are a little bit different than the typical sweatsuit sets that flash you right back to the early 2000s’. Instead of matching velour, think of new and fresh ways to modernize your track set. Go for a matching cashmere set for luxurious comfort, or simple cotton that is easy and breathable. The options are truly endless when it comes to colors, as nude colors are both classic and chic, proving to stand the test of time. If you’re feeling adventurous you could go for a bright color, or mix multiple colors with the tie-dye trend that’s extremely popular right now.

5. Layer with Leather

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The unspoken rule of the leather jacket is that simply looks elevates the cool factor of any outfit. Not only is it great for the colder fall months, but a black leather jacket is a staple and an unusual pairing with sweats, making your outfit look unique. Pair it with a pair of pastel-colored sweats for an effortless juxtaposition of styles, or keep it classic and simple by mixing whites and greys for a stylish outfit that you can’t go wrong in! You can even take it one step further by combining the leather jacket with the other ideas above. A leather jacket, heels, and sweatpants would be both trendy and comfortable while ensuring your use of your quarantine clothes!

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