5 Self-Care Treatments to Try at Home 

For people that are constantly on the go, it can be hard to dedicate the time to care for oneself. Not to mention, skin-care and hair-care can sometimes feel like a full time job. However, it is important now more than ever to take care of your mental and emotional well being! With endless time, now is the perfect opportunity to take care of yourself or try a beauty treatment you’ve always wanted to experiment with. These 5 self-care treatments are easy, cheap and will give you the reset you’re looking for.

Condition with a Hair Mask   

With nights spent at home and on the couch, your heat styling tools are most likely not be used as frequently. This is the vacation your hair has been begging for, so take advantage of it by fully giving your hair the moisture that it has been craving. The Briogeo “Don’t Despair, Repair!” Deep Condition Mask is the perfect mask to give your hair a new life by combining almond, argan and rosehip oils. Leave it in for 10 minutes, rinse it out, and you’ll have healthy and restored hair. Where to find: ​Saks Fifth Avenue


                                          Learn to Gua Sha Your Face

A gua sha is a stone tool, similar to a jade roller, that is used in Chinese medicine to relieve stress and tension, while giving you a facial massage. Just like a jade roller, it helps promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage. However, a gua sha has edges that can help with effectively relieving soreness and tension. When using the gua sha, use an oil, serum or moisturizer so that your tool can glide easily. Start with your neck and work your way up to your forehead to stimulate lymphatic drainage. After your at home facial massage, you’ll both lighter and brighter!      Where to find: ​Credo


Test Out a Self Tanner 

Although it’s possible that no one will see your self-tan other than those you are quarantined with, take this time to try out different brands and see what they have to offer. Every brand has a different feeling, texture and color, so it’s helpful to weed out which brands you like and don’t like. The price of self-tanners can vary greatly, but sometimes the cheaper options have the best results. Bondi Sands is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot but look like they spent a day at the beach. Trust us, a tan makes everything better! Where to find: ​Bondi Sands


Detox with Bath Salts

Want to reach the epitome of total relaxation? Taking a bath is a great way to have time to yourself and recenter. If you want to make your bath even more enjoyable, spice it up with detoxifying bath salts, like epsom salts. Epsom salts help rid your body of toxins by using the minerals to draw out all of the impurities. They can also relieve you of pain or soreness, and help you get rid of a headache. There’s nothing better than logging off of the computer, and taking some time to unwind. Where to find: Target




Whiten Your Teeth

Always wanted to try out those Instagram whitening ads that promise the whitest of teeth? Now is your chance! Whether it’s whitening strips, charcoal powder, pastes or LED lights, you have all of the time in the world to try out each one. Some people experience sensitivity with some whitening products, so figuring out which one can be your go-to, will be a time saver for you in the future. The Brightwhite Smile Teeth Whitening Kit is reasonably priced and is the perfect thing to test out at home! Where to find: ​BrightWhiteSmile

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