Fabulous Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day Ideas

Having to celebrate a Mother’s Day during a pandemic is a new concept that the world is adapting to as the year goes on. There will be some who are social distancing from their mothers during the pandemic for their safety. Others may be quarantined with their mothers during these troubled times. Regardless of the darkness occurring, there should be a great value of appreciation for all of the mothers during his pandemic. All mothers are hero’s, from either home schooling their children, being out on the front lines, or staying home and doing their part. We thank you all here at The {C} Magazine!

There is always a way to give a perfect gift to Mom. The trick is to find a way to spend this day of celebration safe and happy, weather if it is virtual or inside. Here are some tips to make the best out of your stay-at-home Mother’s Day Celebration:


Virtual Cooking Class

Go to the kitchen and get ready! It is safe to say that people are cooking at home more than ever. Since we are all stuck inside, many world-class chefs to locals in Italy and across the world have gone online to teach virtual cooking classes! There are classes online for beginners, families and even more advanced cooks! How fun to make an amazing dish with Mom and with a chef online! There are many websites to choose from and even some that are free:

Craftsy – $10 per class

Airbnb Experiences – $1 to $40 per class

Christina Tosi – 2pm EST every day on Instagram – Free

18 Reasons Why – $35 per class


At Home Spa

This is the ultimate stay-at-home Mother’s Day treatment! Masks, baths, candles, and endless scrubs! Do not forget the wine and uninterrupted nap!



Virtual Movie Date

Photo Credit: Westend61


You and Mom can watch the same movie at the same time virtually! There is a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party. Just download the extension to your computer and you can chat with Mom and watch your favorite childhood movie together.




Virtual Fitness Class

Being able to work out at home is one of the top ways in order to pass time. You and Mom can stay healthy and have fun by attending a virtual fitness class together. Many are on YouTube, which has access to thousands of workout videos that are easy to follow. Just send Mom a link, and you will be able to have a great workout together.


Mother’s Day Car Parade


Right now, car parades have become a way to celebrate someone with properly social distancing to show your love and support. You can do the same for Mom in order to celebrate her on Mother’s Day! Make signs and posters and ask Mom to look outside at the designated time to make her day!


Virtual Brunch Date

Since take out is becoming more popular right now, you and Mom can order meals and mimosas from your favorite restaurant together! Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and video chat while eating a delicious brunch!


E-Gift Cards

If you have that Mom that never want a gift or is picky, an e-gift card is always a safe bet! You can order many e-gift cards online to either your Mom’s favorite coffee, restaurant, service, or retail store!

Photo Courtesy of Klatch Coffee Roasting

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