Fifteen-time Grammy award winning star Alicia Keys has been taking names for almost two decades now and it does not look like she is ready to stop in 2020. While her next studio album A.L.I.C.I.A. is in the works, Ms. Keys gives fans a taste of what to expect with her single “Underdog”. The mellowed out acoustic track is an ode to all the underdogs out there who are struggling with adversity. Ms. Keys is speaking specifically about herself and the doubts she faced as both an artist as well as woman. She had recently discussed the direction of the music she plans to release, stating:

“I definitely have been on a personal mission to connect with the different sides of myself,” she says. “There are so many pieces that make us who we are, and the rage and the anger are just as important as the resolution and the solution. The crazy is just as important as the rational. All of these parts are inside of us, and we deserve to be able to understand them and get to know them better.”

And while her upcoming album has no set release date, we can still expect to see more from Ms. Keys as she is set to perform in a Prince tribute alongside John Legend and Usher at the 62nd Grammy Awards on January 28th.

The video for the track features wholesome scenes of various people trying to get by in their daily lives. Whether driving a lyft, trying to sell tapes on the side of the road, or even being apart from loved ones, it is evident this one is really for the all the underdogs out there.

Watch the video for Alicia Keys’ “Underdog”


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