Coming out hard for 2020, New York based rapper Medhane drops the video for his first track of the year “DOLOMEALS”. The video was shot locally in Medhane’s neighborhood and feature scenes throughout the local urban streets of Brooklyn. From the subway to his own bedroom, the fast-pace and quick cutting video (directed and edited by revenxnt) features Medhane vibing while spitting his hypnotic flow. And regardless of the track’s brevity and overall minimalistic production, Medhane comes with power in his verses and knocks the track out of the park.

The single follows his previous full-length project Own Pace which dropped last November. While Medhane had previously released EP’s Do for Self and Ba Suba, Ak Jamm , along with various single including “Naddeadass”, “Facta”, and “Voyager”, Own Pace was his first studio album. The contemplative and introspective album helped solidify his lowdown and humble style, and now we get at a look at what the young, up-and-coming rapper is all about going into 2020.

{C}heck out Medhane’s “DOLOMEALS” video

Listen to Medhane’s Own Pace on badcamp


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