Lil Uzi already broke out his hit “Futsal Shuffle 2020” before 2019 came to a close, {C}heck out that story here. Now the new year is here, and the hype is all too real. Uzi dropped the accompanying video for his track and it’s even bouncier than the song. Directed by Jay Weneta, Uzi and company break it to his jam performing the signature Futsal Shuffle dance with other high flair b-boy and breakdancing moves. And if it was not already evident that Uzi likes his anime, we get a nice 3-d rendering of Sailor Mercury (from the classic anime series Sailor Moon) throughout the video performing the very same dance and routine to match the beat.

The videos production (done by Jonathan Coria, Robin Day, Brien Justiniano) features offsetting slow-motion effects and swirling transitions that complement the flashy choreography. The video serves as a nice in between teaser until fans get Uzi’s next studio album Eternal Atake which is set to drop later this year. In all seriousness, this video is on repeat right now until the dance is second nature, a lot of fun this one is.

{C}heck out Lil Uzi’s moves in his “Futsal Shuffle 2020” video



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