With 2020 under way, there are already high expectations for artists both previously acclaimed as well as up-and-coming. One of which is Atlanta rapper Lil Baby, who has been hinting at his second studio album, My Turn. On December 15th the rapper made a subtle tweet with nothing more than the words ““My Turn” -album”. Now on the first day of 2020, we get a look at the cover art for the upcoming work; A tranquil scene of Lil Baby sitting atop a nature filled setting. He overlooks the water while sparking up with baby goats surrounding him, one of which who is iced out.

Of course, this is not all that Lil Baby has in store for 2020. The same day of the 15th, the rapper also tweeted with the same brevity in a different tweet stating ““Lamborghini Boys” -mixtape”. While there are no release dates on either works, it is evident Lil Baby is looking to make 2020 his year. He explained the meaning behind his album title earlier in October in an interview with Hip-Hop-N-More stating,

“I called it My Turn ’cause I feel like everybody else had a lil’ turn. It’s my turn now. Everybody dropped their mixtapes, their albums – go number 1, number 2, number 3.”

One of Lil Baby’s last releases of 2019 was his track “Woah”. The track released on November 8th and is rumored to be on his upcoming album. Of course, as he stated himself, fans are just going to have to wait and see what he has in store.

Listen to Lil Baby – “Woah”

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