DesmickPerkinsPeriod Readies Christmas Holiday Event for The Kids

As a local business owner, Desmick Perkins knows how important it is to give back and has been in the heart of the community for over ten years doing so. As President of this publishing company, he is reaching out to friends, friends of friends and others to donate a bike this year to a local, worthy kid. This venture is called the Holiday Bikeaway! With Christmas right around the corner, we know there are always those who are less fortunate. These families need our help during the holiday season.

Research has been conducted and average the cost of one bike is $65.00. The goal is gather donations from friends and businesses and purchase bikes! We can do this!

The overall goal is to reach about 25 – 30 boys and girls in the Metro Atlanta area. Your donation would greatly be appreciated and will not go unnoticed. With the help of friends and affiliates, we will drop the bikes off right before Christmas and on Christmas Day at each child’s house. Also, other option are in place for a child to enjoy his/her new bike.


The Children In Need

According to the latest US Census Bureau American Community Survey 26.3% of Georgia’s children live in poverty – up from 24.8% last year. That’s more than 640,000 children under age 18. (U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey Profile. Data released Sept. 2012.)

Now it’s the time for us to put our resources together and serve the needy families in our area.

If you would like to donate monetarily, participate in our Holiday Bikeaway or for more information, please see the information below. This contains everything you need to get started:


Contact Person: Desmick Perkins

Contact Number / Email: 561.779.3770 /

Donation Acceptable Payment: Check, Money Order, PayPal, Cash App

Donation Dates: November 25 – December 21


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