Interview With Hip-Hop Artist JG

JG’s distinctive voice and honest lyrics garner immediate attention from listeners. His full length “3 Feet from Gold” has over 300 thousand views on Vevo’s hip hop playlists. The album also features “Birds in LA” featuring artist Rich The Kid and has over one million views on World Star Hip Hop.  JG spent time on the road promoting his music with Juice Wrld, PnBRock, Trippie Redd, Chief Keef, Soulja Boy and Lil Tracy.

His latest album will drop on independent label The Leftovers. The album features Gusto Leimert, Young Joe, Eighty K, Wifisfuneral and production by Chris Brown, and Cam Wallace.

Why do you think your music is so popular?

I’m relatable to regular kids who maybe don’t have everything that the kids down the street have. I don’t want to be perceived as,’ Oh, I’m a rapper. I got to wear big ass chains. I got to rock a grill and flash stacks of money.’

What was your childhood like?

I grew up outside of Tampa, Florida. There wasn’t a whole lot to do.  You played sports and hung out with your friends.My dad had a drug problem and my step dad had a drinking problem. That doesn’t make them bad people you just had to figure out how to deal with it. I used it to push me, ‘Look at him — don’t make those mistakes!’

Who were your biggest influences growing up?

My surroundings and a lack of having things influenced me to want more. My mom and dad were always very supported even though they weren’t together. My granny — she was definitely a strong positive influence. She brought me up and taught me manners and that sort of thing.

Who were your musical influences?

I grew up around music.  My uncles were musicians. I watched them be on stage..One is into southern rock/blues band and plays guitar professionally in Nashville. I have 2 uncles who play drums. I’ve always been around it.

How old were you when you wrote your first lyrics?

I was probably 10 in 5th grade. My dad found the notebook and I had to explain to him why there were so many bad words in it.

You played collegiate football?

My dream was to play professional football. I made it to college where I played collegiate. But, then a few years in I lost my level of playing and practicing and got kicked out. That s when I started focusing on music.

When will your new music drop?

I don’t have a release date.  Stay tuned because there is really good music be on there. Keep a look out for that.

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